3 Ways To Transform Your Product Launch And Reduce Stress Too

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It’s not uncommon for a big product launch to pull in six or seven figures in sales. That’s pretty impressive, I’m sure you agree, but unless you are considered as an expert authority in your niche you may find those numbers hard to reproduce. Don’t be discouraged, doing a product launch is a very effective way of positioning yourself as such. And doing a sequence of launches will allow you to leverage the momentum from the last to boost the results of the next one.


So the more launches you do, the greater the number of sales you will make and the more you can charge for your products or services because you will be considered the default source of trusted advice.


So when you are starting out it is especially important to drill down and look at all the costs involved in your launch. There are the fixed costs of doing business – which are unavoidable – like the percentage your online merchant will charge for handling each transaction – And then there are the variable costs…


Here are three big ones…


#1. Copy writingA product launch relies heavily on sequences… email sequences, video sequences and, of course, sales copy. Hiring a good copywriter is a smart move. But make sure that he understands your niche and can prove that what he writes truly converts prospects into buyers. He must also be able to write in your ‘voice’. At the very least he should be confident enough to pitch his work against a control to prove his work converts. Don’t agree to part with $1000s of dollars until you are sure you have found the right man. Have you budgeted enough for copywriting in your launch?


#2. Joint Venture (promotional) Partners – Don’t go chasing JV partners until you are sure that your offer converts and you can prove it. A super affiliate is worth his weight in gold and he knows it. Getting one to promote for you may mean that you have to part with a lot more than 50% in terms of commission. You may not get to keep much for yourself but, in the medium term, it is well worth it because your lists of prospects and buyers will grow exponentially. And we all know that the money is in the list and yours will be especially warm and open to offers you make to them.


#3. Technical Support Team  –  Chasing the bugs out of your electronic systems is the work of an experienced professional. Do not skimp on this. After all if your server crashes, you don’t make money. It may sound cool but what’s the point in being cool if you drive away more sales than you make and  give your customer support team the biggest hangover on record. And you’ll blow your credibility too. Not to mention the expert status you have carefully nurtured. Be smart and hire a pro…


You may not have considered these costs before. If that’s the case, you better plan for them now.Your product launch will be on a firmer footing if you do. All this talk of sequences and nitty gritty budgeting may seem a bit overwhelming. If it does, a qualified product launch manager can help you limit these costs and secure the success of your launch.


Product launch managers are the “secret sauce” behind the most successful online product launches. There many ways to cut a deal with the right one but for the moment, just remember that he will only make money if you make money so actually getting one on board may not cost as much up front as you first thought.


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