Product Launch: 10 Ways to Launch a Book Using Social Media


Wondering how to get people excited about your new book launch ? Thinking about how to use social media to get people actively sharing it with their friends? BTW, these product launch tactics work for a lot more than a book to launch.


Why Social Media for Book Launches?… Well, the old ways – Public Relations campaigns, book reviewers, book clubs – may still work to some degree but with more than 7 billion people on Facebook and Twitter ranked in the top 10 of the most visited sites out there. You have a ready means of finding and talking to your target market.


Not to mention the fact that you can set up a blog for just a few dollars. In fact, you’ve got it all going for you in the digital world…


And the cost in dollars and cents is minimal


Here are 10 ways to get going…


#:1 Build a Dedicated Blog – This is the hub around which your camapign will be built. Create a special page called “Spread the Word” where you simply ask visitors to do just that. Make it easy for them by including some pre-fabricated tweets of about 120 characters including the URL – shorten this using then you can check the number of clicks – Add social media sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


#2: Give Away a Free chapter as a Download – Creating a pdf of a free chapter of you book with an embedded retweet buttons distributed strategically will give your audience to easily share it with friends on Twitter.


#3. Email Signature Marketing –  Set up a dedicated Gmail account and create a signature block of  text that will appear on the bottom of all your emails saying something like: “I’d love your help spreading the word about [your new book title] ! Click here – link to your launch blog – to find out how you can help.”


#4: Set Up a Facebook Page –  This is a business page to which you can drive friends and fans. You can event build a fun and friendly competition to create excitement in the lead up to launch day.


#5: Seek Out The Top 50 Bloggers – Engage with the top 50 bloggers relevant to your book’s subject. Ask them to do a review or suggest they do a guest post on your launch blog. Send them 2 copies. One to give away to their readers.


#6: Create a Video Channel on Youtube – And post quick 2 minute fun extracts from your book. Cross polinate these by posting them on your Facebook page and on your blog. Don’t forget Twitter.


#7: Facebook Connect Get your webmaster to integrate your blog with Facebook using Facebook Connect. Using this widget will bring a block into the right hand column of your blog showing how many Facebook Fans you have attracted. This is key social proof.


#8: Add Facebook Comments – This is another API that Facebook offers allowing you to add a commenting system to any web page! What’s amazing is this comments system shows the comments your readers leave on their profiles where all their friends will see it too.


#9: Leverage Photos – People are attracted by images on their news feeds so make use of this by asking fans to publish fun images of them with your book. Celebrate your successes by taking screenshots of your book on Amazon and linking to it from your other propserties.


#10: The Rule of 5  – This says ” That each and every content development undertaking should produce content assets that can be used at least 5 different ways” So think how you can re-purpose the content in your book to create an on-line information product. This could be a ‘How To’ course or a home study program. Then do a product launch …


With a little bit of lateral thinking and creative output, you can do amazing things with social media and boost your results even further with the ‘Rule of 5’. Relying on traditional methods takes time and one-to-one attention so start thinking outside the box. But don’t forget that radio and TV appearances are still powerful tools. These boost your credibility and authority.


You no longer need to rely on the traditional press to successfully launch a book (or any product) especially if you combine these tactics with a full on product launch.



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Rory Ramsden

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