Product Case Study: the Video Boss Launch: The “I can teach this stuff” video

In this the second video in the Video Boss Launch, Andy Jenkins switches from providing “Proof” to “Teaching” mode. Afterall, he may be a super smart video producer but if he cannot teach to save his life then there is no point in buying the product. So now he has to convince his prospects that he can quickly teach them the simple steps.

The whole 20 minute video is dedicated to proving that anyone can do what he does. It is packed full of fast and easy tips on how to make a video which sells. He spends time on this because his prospects have to accept that his statement ” On line video is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get traffic” [Made at the top of video 1]. This transfer of Andy’s USP into the minds of his audience and their ‘buying into’ that concept is crucial to the success of his launch.

This analysis has 55 slides and doesn’t include every single one that Andy used. Each one hammers home how simple and cheap it is to do and find the resources one needs to make a great video. He does not give away the farm in the process but the viewer is given a good primer on how to make an engaging sales video

Note that by pushing the ‘free line’ as Eben Pagan calls it, and by engaging with his audience Andy is making sure that even the prospects who do not buy the $2000 home study course have got value out of the content he provides and will therefore be more likely to open his mails in future. This will give him the chance to re-engage with them again when he comes to either re-open the doors to the next batch of video students or introduce them to another product in his pipeline.

This is a key Product launch technique which will ensure that not only will your launch make money but also that your longterm business prospects will be taken to a new level. Do not plan just one launch. Make that first one the start of a sequence that will roll like thunder through your niche.

Another key takeaway is that you may be the expert in that niche but believe me this does not make you an expert marketer or even an expert at creating knock-out videos for that matter so stick to what you’re good at and employ other experts to help you do the rest. Form a team of complimentary talents around you.

Remember this. Frank Sinatra ‘just’ turned up to sing and dance [his specialities] he did not play all the instruments in the orchestra [he could’ve learnt but how much time has one man got?] or indeed conduct it let alone book the theatre, move the props and finally put the piano in place. That was all done by other specialists.

Video three in the Video Boss launch is all about how to get traffic which is the third part in the “On line video is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get traffic” statement

So enjoy this analysis, in putting it together, I have learnt a lot about making videos!

Download the VideoBoss – Video#1 – The Proof Video

Download the Video Boss – Video #2 – I can teach this stuff Video

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