Problems with JVs and How To Avoid Them

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Imagine for a minute that you have been working 24/7 to get your product launch ready. But you’re afraid. You just cannot put your hand on your heart and swear that your joint venture partners are going to live up to their word and mail for you like they promised.


This could be a product launch killer


After all, you could have the most crushing offer on the planet but if no one sees it, you won’t make any sales…


So it’s good to have this nailed before you get anywhere near your launch day


In fact, let’s take first things first


When you first decide on your niche – whether it be because you are passionate about it or because you’ve been hard headed and chosen it because you know there is a rich hungry crowd out there who are desperate for the solution you can provide.


There are 2 things you can do immediately

#1. start building a list

#2. start promoting affiliate offers


The one should help you build the other. Pretty soon, you will discover which offers are converting and which ones aren’t. It’s time to buy the great products and pull them apart to find out what it is that is pushing the market’s hot buttons and note the common features and just as importantly what’s different.


While you’re doing this, get yourself noticed by selling as much product as you can. Paying it forward like this will get you on  your competitor’s radar which is important because when you go back to them later and ask them to promote for you during your product launch, you can remind them of all those sales that you made for them. They may well then feel compelled to reciprocate if their list is a good match to your offer.


You can work on intuition here but it would be best to work on facts.


After all, you may have done well for several competitors. Knowing the right ones to promote for you is essential. Quality lists with whom your offer will resonate are crucial


When you approach a JV, he or she will want to know your visitor value or what dollar value can you put on their list? If they have 2000 people on their list and your visitor value is $5, then they can expect to make $10k. This may well be the determining factor in their decision to promote for you.


The other one is whether they think your offer will resonate. Your offer may be all about learning to play acoustic guitar whilst their list may only be interested in Spanish Flamenco guitar.  Don’t waste your time trying to persuade your potential partner. Even if he says, he will promote for you, he probably won’t. He just does not want to burn his list with an irrelevant offer.


So do your research. Know your competitor’s business inside out. It won’t take long to work out the micro niche that each of them work in. If you subscribe to their lists, you will know who is promoting for whom, when , how and why. You will even know how often they promote for each other. And you will get to see their email copy too.


Take the time to analyze this as well. Are they using the swipe copy provided or busking it with their own. Who writes the best copy?


Bottom line: Be professional. Don’t waste people’s time. And know when some JV is actually giving you BS and when  he is not. If both you know your offer will resonate because you have done your homework and your metrics are convincing, then there’s only one thing left… Your calendars do not synchronize.


WARNING: Going for a big external product launch with lots of partners right out of the box is NOT recommended. You will in fact be doing 2 launches at the same time. One to your prospects and one to your affiliates. Start by doing a small product launch to a segment of your list. Optimize, refine then rinse and repeat. Only then go for the big time. Meanwhile build personal relationships with people you want to work with.


Product launch success is not something  that you just fall into. You have to have a marketing strategy and think medium to long term. Start planning now…





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Rory Ramsden