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Your marketing strategy should be to build buzz in your core market in the lead up to your product launch. This is best achieved by driving traffic at your product launch blog.

This is where you can…

  • Stimulate the pre-pre-launch conversation
  • Engage new visitors
  • And build social proof by encouraging people to comment

Like in any conversations, you have to be a good listener because it is by listening that you will pick up possible objections or misunderstandings about you or your product that you can later deal with during your pre-launch event sequence.

So how best to get the comments flowing on your blog in the build up to your product launch day ?

Here are 8 tried and tested ways to do it …

  • Rumor & Counter-Rumor – This one’ a winner. You just have to follow the product marketing strategy that Apple have perfected to know that dropping hints that something exciting is about to happen builds buzz and stimulates fans to start chatting away in the social media space. These ‘leaks’ quickly go viral.

Product Launch Blog Tip: The technique is to leak the news one bit at a time to encourage speculation, controversy, rumor and counter-rumor

  • Controversy – Just being one of the crowd and agreeing with everyone is not going to cut it. You have to be the leader in your niche within a niche. You have to mark out your own territory. Disrupt the market place by introducing a unique mechanism that puts you head and shoulders above the competition.

Product Launch Blog Tip: This will put you in a place where there is no competition

  • Big Idea –  This should not be just ‘Corporate Gobbledygook’ that sounds good. It must be a pithy, concise sentence of 140 characters or less that expresses your big idea – the ultimate benefit – that your product offers. It’s what makes your product or service unique.

Product Launch Blog Tip: Your ‘big idea’ expresses the benefits that only you can deliver

  • Sound Excited –  This may seem obvious but if you sound excited then others will be too. Your beta product testers will join in and pretty soon the buzz will build round your product launch as everyone anticipates your next pre-launch event.

Product Launch Blog Tip: Being excited is infectious

  • A Glimpse Behind The Red Velvet Curtain – Give your audience a glimpse of the product. If it’s a membership site, you could let them see the structure and even the first few instructional videos. If it’s a big box product, lay it out on the floor and take a picture… Post it on the your product launch blog just before your shopping cart opens. This tactic gives you another reason to sound excited …. other ideas include quick-start guides, spy videos, case studies and video interviews.

Product Launch Blog Tip: Giving people a “sneak peek” builds anticipation

  • Put Your Best Stuff Up Front Push the free line. Get used to holding the short end of the stick. Give real value up-front without any thought of payment. Remember that Hollywood movie trailers show the best action/drama/comedy clips to build your desire to go see the whole show. So put your best stuff up front. Your audience will be impressed and think

Product Launch Blog Tip: Your audience will be left wondering… “If we get such valuable stuff free, think how good the paid stuff will be… ? “

  • Preview Discussions – Discuss previews of product experiences with your beta testers on the blog. It’s important for both the positive and negative to be expressed, which makes it real for people.  Make sure you address any shortcomings in the product (even if you have to push your planned launch date out to address the issues)

Product Launch Blog Tip: This creates social proof

  • Don’t be a ‘know-All’ – If you don’t know the answer to a question, say so. Don’t try and blind your audience with BS. You’re a human being just like everyone else so do not try to be something you’re not. Promise to get the answer and get back to them asap… and male a mental note. This may be an objection that people may be subconciously using to not buy your product. It may also be a part that should be added to your product. It may just be the ‘missing chapter’.

Product Launch Blog Tip: Being self-depricating is an attractive trait

But don’t stop there…

Continue to provide more value. Continue to build trust. Continue to stimulate the conversation right through your launch and beyond.

Here are some more ideas…

  • Launch Day – Simply post: Product Name is now LIVE! (Plus a link to the product sales page)
  • Mid Launch – Announce a new bonus to boost mid-week sales
  • Post-Launch – Early results and updates on how launch went, feedback on product – possible announcement that you are going to re-open your shopping cart to fill places the last remaining places – by special invitation only
  • Unannounced bonuses – for early adopters
  • Proof –  Success case studies from early action takers

You may wonder why you should be continue with post launch content.

Here’s why. There are at least 3 types of people who may still be checking your blog…

  • People who were left sitting on the fence
  • People who were too late to buy
  • People who decided not to buy

By giving them more proof…

Proof that lots of people did buy. Proof that they are getting quick and easy results. Proof that they are happy and satisfied customers. Proof that you under-promised and over-delivered. Your audience will continue to be engaged AND you are demonstrating that you are not just as good as your word…You are better

But what about you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

… Not sure where to begin?

…. Need Help Planning or Executing Your Product Launch?

… Or perhaps you just need some “extra help” getting things done during the product launch “crunch time”?

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