Poke The Box as Product Launch


Seth Godin is in the midst of a product launch with a difference.Poke The Box


He is promoting his new book ‘Poke the Box’ in which he urges people to take the initiative and fight that inner voice telling them not to stick their heads above the parapet.  Caution is ubiqitous which is why it is so hard to get your customers to take action.


That’s why being a thought leader is a powerful place from which to join the conversation in your prospect’s heads and answer the objections of  ‘your lizard brain’ – as Seth calls it – which is constantly telling you to be careful, be cautious and not step out of line.


Here is the key product launch marketing concept that Seth put across in a recent interview with David Meerman Scott, HubSpot’s Marketer in Residence,


The reason we buy stuff is not because we need the information anymore. It is because of the experiences they offer. Books are special, they are magical—we share them, we collect them. This type of experience is why people ultimately purchase your product. As a marketer, think about ways in which you can create similar experiences


Transforming the release of your new product into a carefully planned product launch involves creating a series of events on line. Each one is an experience that people look forward to. Each one pushes the free line to deliver incredible value.


These engage and entertain your customers. They build an emotional bond and a need to reciprocate. They position you as an authority. That’s why they are happy to wade through their email in-box and choose to open your latest message. That’s why they seek you out on Facebook and Twitter and ‘follow’ you. That’s why ultimately they are more likely to buy what you have to sell.


Seth is selling a collector’s edition of his book for $75. You can buy the Kindle edition for only $9.


He is a thought leader. He is innovating. He is doing things differently. He is, as always, standing out from the crowd. That’s why people will buy the collector’s edition


And another thing


If you want your product launch to be successful, you’d do well to watch what Seth is doing as well as what he is saying


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Rory Ramsden