People LOVE To Buy, They HATE Being Sold To

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When was the last time you walked into a shop, perhaps to buy some new shoes, and on the approach of the sales assistant to ask if you needed any help, you said: “No Thanks, I’m just looking” We all hate to be hassled by some pushy sales people. We just want to be left alone to make our own decisions… Right?


Yes.. We love to buy but don’t want to be sold to


That’s why doing a product launch is so darned effective. People don’t realize that you are in the middle of launching your new product or indeed, relaunching an evergreen one. They just know that you are giving them great value and helping them get closer to their goal and it isn’t costing them a dime.


Pushing the free line like this builds excitement, anticipation, credibility and authority all at once.


Pretty cool… Huh ?


But getting to the point where you can push your core audience’s hot buttons almost at will requires a deep understanding of their emotional needs.


Gary Halbert, the marketing expert all direct response marketing experts look up to, used to say “Don’t send a letter to do a man’s job.”


Your newsletter isn’t enough. You need to send yourself. You need to show up as vividly as a salesperson standing on the doorstep.


And when you get there, make your point. Your greeting, your “voice,” the things you do to be polite and friendly are all important. But don’t forget why you dropped by.


Whether you use a riveting picture or a strong call to action, make your point clearly and firmly but first deliver something that your prospect wants more than anything and don’t forget to ask for nothing in exchange.


You don’t have to give away the farm.


You don’t have time. It just has to be a really quick and easy tip that you discovered that will get those that take action closer to their goal.


When they try it and it works. They get excited. They want to know more. They tell their friends. They start to believe in you and recognize you as someone they should trust.


The crucial point is that they start to feel the effects of the ‘Law of Reciprocation’. You have done something valuable for them. They feel that they should do something for you in return.


A product launch sequence includes 3 or 4 such events. Each one is an opportunity for you to give away another juicy tip that you know will help your audience get what they want.


By the time you pivot and start talking about the new product that you are launching, they are so emotionally engaged that they want to know all you can tell them about your offer. You are not selling to them. They are riveted by what you have to say.


No need to be pushy. No need to hype up expectations.


Just tell them three things…

#1. What you’ve got

#2. How to get it

#3. And what to do next


That’s why doing a product launch is so powerful. People love to buy from you and you don’t have to feel like some second hand car salesman in the process. A launch engages your core audience and gets them to prove to themselves that what you say is true. That you are the real deal. That this time, they can suspend the BS meter and believe what you have to say


If you have a launch coming up in the next six  months or indeed would like to do a launch in the same time frame, why not get your launch strategy evaluated ? It won’t cost you a dime. Choose a convenient time for you right now


Check out what Gary Halbert has to say on the subject in the third block of text above. It’s pretty cool…



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