Packing a Powerful Punch…

The punch that knocked him out

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Packing a Powerful Punch by layering your proof elements one on top of another is a good way of leveraging your product marketing strategy to the max. Providing one level of proof will get you started but if you add another and then another and then…

Well, you get the picture.

The more levels and different types of proof you integrate into your launch strategy the better.

What It Is: Your message becomes that much more compelling, when you share personal references, qualifications and achievements, case-studies, and testimonials by grouping them together… Layering them one on top of another certainly packs an even bigger punch

Why It’s Powerful: Simply showing that you helped one client to achieve success builds your credibility. But if you are able to quote a long list of happy clients over a number of years, that is much more powerful. Then by defining, the transformation you helped them achieve by quoting metrics and other data, you ramp up the impact again and again You end up with a compelling amount of proof.

Example: If you teach people to play guitar – how many happy guitar players are out there, thanks to you? If you train hunting dogs, how many happy owners can you count..?

How To Do It: Check the number of people on your valuable ‘buyers’ list? Could you say that you have 4,873 happy clients who rely on you and your company for specialist advice. 63% of them for more than 3 years straight. The key is to be specific with those numbers.

So leverage your list of existing happy clients to boost your credibility and the effectiveness of your product marketing strategy. The more proof that you can integrate into your pre-launch sequence, the more your prospects are likely to open up to you and listen to your marketing message.

I’ve got 2 quick question about your product marketing strategy

  1. If you could use only 3 types of proof, which ones would you chose?
  2. If you could ask one question about using proof elements, which one would you ask?


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Rory Ramsden