Optimize Your Product Launch Support Systems – Or You’re Toast!

Product Launch  - You're Toast

You're Toast


You’ve picked your product launch date, your product is the best in your market, your list is red hot and burning with desire, your launch story has resonated and sent waves of anticipation through your niche, your blog comments are running into the hundreds for each post you make, you’re expecting the biggest revenue day ever.


So just a couple more tweaks to amp up the market to fever pitch and you’re all set to press that big red launch button… Right?




When it comes to exiling a product to oblivion, a shambolic launch day comes in a close second behind unfocused marketing. Imagining you can get there on a wing and a prayer is a big mistake.


And we’re not just talking about choosing the wrong shopping cart or a creaking server. Get any part of the mechanics of your launch wrong and you risk losing all that credibility and trust you’ve been carefully nurturing.


The big boys – the Apples of this world – all know the secret of an awesome, trouble-free product launch:


To be sure of success, you must put in place a product launch support system


Every business process that you have, must run like a well-oiled machine. The gears must mesh. Run through your check lists. The whole support system behind your product launch will be under huge pressure when you open the shopping cart. At the very least they must be ‘fit for purpose’ and then some…


Plan on something going awry – it will! – Factor these challenges into your processes and work out how to manage them before they happen


Risk management is all about asking “What if… ” questions. This is your opportunity to shine a light into the dark corners


Behind every robust product launch support system lies a solid team who are all singing from the same song sheet. How you approach building your team will depend on your business -and specifically the size of your business- but whatever you do, do not leave it to chance.


If you don’t have the right people with the right skill sets, go find them-and find them … Now!


There is quite a list of the areas of expertise that you have to have covered for your product launch phase to run like a Swiss watch…


And the bigger and more complex your product launch – if you have a large number of joint venture partners, for example- the more there is to slip out of sync and the more important it is that you and your team communicate effectively and put a foolproof product launch support system in place.


The big take away is to make sure that there is spare capacity available because launch day will be as far from normal as you have ever been.


As a product owner or publisher, you probably already realize that you’re no product launch expert and so you’ll need some help to make sure yours is a success. After all, the future of your business depends on it! Find out how we can help to get your product launch ready. You will be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective our proposals are. In fact, it would be a good plan to find out what’s in it for you too!


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Rory Ramsden