New Product Launch: One Dumb Mistake…

So you set up and trained your customer support team for your new product launch. Well done!

Just remember that they are a profit center and not some faceless bureaucrats buried in the bowels of your office who you only let out on high days and holidays! They like to go home at a reasonable hour just like you so when you are planning your new product launch, you must do all you can to ensure that all the processes run smoothly.

We are talking technical here. But not just technical.

Just stop and think for a minute.

Make a list of all the services that your business relies on.

The ones that you must have to keep that the lifeblood of your company flowing. We’re talking bank manager, we’re talking merchant account provider and all the other guys who may never ever visit you in person but without whom, your business would curl up and die.

When executing a new product launch, communicating with these people is important. I’m talking Important with a capital “I”.

They must know what’s coming down the tubes and when.  Just as importantly where is this deluge of cash coming from?

They have to be trained in what to expect just like your customer support team.

One way of doing this is to start with the baby steps. A small internal launch or three will get them used to the idea that you really can do business on the internet and pull cash almost on demand into your bank account. If these guys see the ‘Upward Spiral of Excellence’ AKA the ‘Circle of Awesome’ in action, you build your credibility and they begin to trust that what you say is normally supported by the data that they can read of their charts.

Without them you’re dead in the water and your customer support team is more than likely now being supported by the fire department!


Because your merchant account suddenly freezes to a depth that an Icelandic glacier would consider normal. Your bank account follows suit. You cannot pay your bills. Your JVs are tearing your door down and threatening you with some insane horror that you thought only existed in a Stephen King novel. And your customer support guys are working 24/7 trying to wrestle this insane situation under control.

It could have been so beautiful to behold…

Instead, you suddenly dumped a wad of cash into an account that had no previous history of receiving such large sums; red lights started flashing on bankers desks; people who you never knew existed start asking questions; hell started to freeze over; they all wanted to know where it all came from. And they wanted the proof… and they want it NOW

The best you can hope for in the end is that 90 days down the line, a trickle of cash starts to flow.

But by this time, it’s all too late

Your credibility is shot. Your JV buddies have all quit. No money … No deal

It’s back to the drawing board

Probably in a completely new niche

And what of your customer service team?

They worked until they dropped but there is a limit to how much abuse one human being can stand

You have been warned… Build the ‘Upward Spiral of Excellence’ systematically


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