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You may consider yourself to be an expert in your field but that means nothing unless you can position yourself as such in the minds of your customers and prove that you innovative system works.

In fact, better still, position yourself as the recognized authority or thought leader and you will be the one that they turn to provide solutions to their problems.

So there are two elements here.

  1. Your credibility and authority
  2. An innovative product that delivers real value

Your success therefore has to stand on both legs. Here are the tactics you have to use…

  • Demonstrate a track record of success
  • Provide as many layers of proof that your innovative system works as possible
  • Use Case Studies
  • Associate yourself with recognized thought leaders

These tactics will only become effective however, if they are woven into an overall product marketing strategy. That is the delivery mechanism that binds them all together into one coherent whole.

The more effective, simple, flexible and reproducible this strategy is the better. You can then roll it out whenever you need to boost sales for an evergreen product or service or even when you want to do a new product launch.

And that’s it

Product launch marketing is the most effective online marketing strategy to put to work in your business. It positions you as the authority figure in your market by allowing you to build a relationship with your customers.

Done right, one product launch becomes a sequence. Stacking launches in this way, boosts your authority and your credibility. You become a well known brand. With that positioning, you get deal flow and the ability to charge higher prices.

In fact, it’s a perpetual business launch system

And another thing

This is not just a phenomenon that works in specific markets. You can do a product launch in any segment in any market in any country you chose because it’s based on solid tried and tested laws of human behavior

If you want to boost your long term customer value¬† by implementing innovative marketing strategies that increase website traffic, conversions and ROI, you should do a product launch, no question. To find out more contact us directly on +1 424 238 0515 or on Skype: Rory.Ramsden or complete this Product Launch Evaluation Questionniare and we’ll get straight back to you





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