Ole Cuzin’ Andy and His Fancy Pants Product Launch

The Video Boss Launch 2.0

This is the beginning of one of  a major fancy pants product launch.
However, you aren’t required to buy a thing.  And, you’d be nuts to
not pay close attention to every detail of this launch.


You’ll see why in a moment. Just go ahead and watch the video.


This launch is designed to CHANGE the Conversation.  Look, I hear all the time about how our market is SICK of product Launches…


Here’s the truth – they’re sick of BAD Launches.  They’re sick of launches that are poorly structured, with garbage content, and videos that waste their time.


And Yeah – A Product Launch has to be FUN. The sad truth is that most are just plain dreary. They’re not fun for you, the customers. They’re even LESS fun for us, the partners.


Seriously, have you ever just CRINGED when you inadvertently landed on a video squeeze page for what appeared at first glance to be an exciting product launch and instantly felt deep down that it was going to be the same old song and dance with mediocre results?


Yeah – I bet you have…


This launch is going to be FUN – even more so than the first Video Boss product launch


Here’s what one happy customer had to say…


The pre-launch sequence was stunning and a game changer. I knew video was the future, but other than a few shoots on a Kodak z18, I was amateur. The pre-launch sequence got me really excited about video and becoming professional. I knew that there was nobody that had the video production and editing skills that also understood marketing to the level that Andy Jenkins did. When I saw how thorough the course was and that Andy was behind the big launches I knew this was the right thing to do. Turns out that Andy and the team are really serious about delivering unbelievable value. The amount that was given far exceeded what was pitched and the course has been a bible on video editing / marketing for me. It was a no-brainer and turns about one of the best investments I have ever made in my future. Better than a Masters degree.



The Squeeze Video ALONE is the most massive Launch Pattern Interrupt (So my buddies tell me) that a Launch has ever seen.


The pre-launch content is best-in-class, No Joke.


Here’s what another happy customer said about the first Video Boss Product Launch


The pre-launch video sales funnel was so compelling…the whole process handed me the light at the end of the tunnel. Sweet light. And Andy…well…you come across as my favorite unarrogant-wise coffee-drinking neighbor. Or cuz. With video street credentials. Since the pre-launch content was so content-rich-powerful, I figured the program had to be absolutely bitchin’.”


And the product?  There’s nothing like it ANYWHERE.  It’s second to none 🙂


All those who opt in using my affiliate link will get the two video case studies that I put together after the first launch.


They analyze each video and shine a light on the tactics that Andy Jenkins is using to create an emotional bond with his audience using the triangle of trust – credibility, authority and just pure fun – That was a multi-million dollar pay day


Just be aware of your own reactions and emotions as you step through this product launch with Andy.


The video Boss just got a whole lot bossier 🙂


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Rory Ramsden