Nothing Trumps Being The Influential Voice…

Product Launch Influence

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Being an authoritative, influential figure in your space is just one of the outcomes of doing a successful product launch.


Influence implies that your audience respect your opinions. It implies that they trust you. It is in an entirely different category of asset to any other except perhaps to having a large responsive list of buyers. But then, your house list would be neither of these unless those people wanted to hear from you which implies that they consider you a thought leader anyway.


When it comes down to that zero moment of truth when your prospect’s cursor is hovering over your buy button, influence is the #1 thing that tips the scales.


If you have not established the triangle of trust beforehand why should they buy from you. You are an unknown quantity with no track record. You have not proved to them that your solution is the one thing standing between them and ultimate success.  Your only choice is to haggle over the price as if you were selling some everyday commodity


And we all know that is the slow road to ruin


Being friendly helps. But if you are considered friendly, trustworthy and an expert authority, you have the power to charge higher prices for your products and services. You can attract quality prospects. Negotiate sweeter deals with them. And boost your ROI in the process.


Being a thought leader is entirely different from knowing how to buy traffic . . . or write copy . . . or do SEO . . . or build web pages . . . or shoot videos . . . or whatever. These are just skills that you can buy in.


We’re talking about your reputation here and how to build it quickly and effectively by doing one product launch after another. It’s not rocket science but you do have to implement a tried and tested system. That system is product launch marketing.


If you’ve got a new product that you would like to launch – NOT release- in the next six months, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a view to having your launch plans thoroughly evaluated. It won’t cost you a dime so you’ve got nothing to lose… and everything to gain


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Rory Ramsden