New Product Launch: What is The Secret To a 6 Figure Product Launch?

No doubt you’ve seen one or more of the mega six or seven figure new product launches executed with consummate ease by the big-dog internet marketers in the IM space and felt a bit overwhelmed when it comes to actually doing one yourself. There’s no need to be. Just be pragmatic and take the launch of your new product step by step. If in doubt, take a look at the launch systems toolbox which gives you 6 “Must Have” steps to making your own product launch an intercontinental ballistic missile rather than the bottle rocket it might have been.

The important thing to remember is that if this is to be your first product launch, you should take a long term view and build up to that big pay day which you dream about. For your first launch, segment your list and do a small ‘beta’ test to just a few hundred of them.

Your goals must be to…

  1. Perfect your pre-launch sequence;
  2. Optimize your sales  funnel;
  3. Get feedback on your product;
  4. Build your proof elements;
  5. Get some case studies;
  6. And ensure that your metrics are the best they can be

Don’t under any circumstances try to rush it and go for what you imagine will be a 6 figure launch without having done a small internal launch to a portion of your own list first. You will have a hard time convincing affiliates to mail for you. After all, the last thing that they want to do is ‘burn’ their lists by promoting a product that is a shot in the dark.  You, or rather the proof elements that you have secured from that first small launch,  must convince them than you are offering them the chance of a lifetime to make some real money and provide real value to the people on their lists.

If you ignore this advice, go for a big public launch and it fails, there is no way back. Your credibility such that it was will have been smashed. So, it is important to take it slowly and plan your new product launch down to the last tiny detail. Then, test your systems and make sure that all is running smoothly.

The best time to start planning your launch is when you are still in the product development and positioning stage. This when you should take the time to create an ‘avatar’ of your core market. You should have a very clear picture of who your customer is likely to be. Whether they went to college. Are they married?  How much they earn. In fact you should know their demographics inside out. But also you should know what makes they tick. What keeps them awake at night and what are their pain points. So you should know their psychographics too.

This will enable you to position your product to fill a crying need in the market place. It will also allow you to assimilate the language that your prospects use. Every tribe or in this case market has buzz words and phrases that they use to identify their fellow enthusiasts. You must know not only what your core market desperately needs but also how to speak to them and when.

This article will examine some of the principles that lead to good product launches and give you advice for how you can use your new product launch as a spring board to future success. The day that you launch a product will be a major event for your company. This is why every step leading up to that launch has to be carefully planned and tested. If you skim over the planning stages, you are bound to  end with egg on your face and a disaster for a  product launch rather than a major success that builds your business and opens up new opportunities.

The best way to do effective planning is to make sure every little detail is in place, has been tried and tested before the big day. If you do this ahead of time, you will minimize the  risks you run and maximize the chances that your big launch day will be that intercontinental ballistic missile we talked about earlier.

Just be sure that you are probably so close to your product having worked so hard on it that you will be unable to  identify its weaknesses so be ready to involved close friends and associates who can bring a fresh pair of eyes to bear. They will see things that you cannot. They will be able to help you put together an overwhelming offer and will make a real difference to your new product launch.

Bottom Line: Don’t try and do it all yourself. Concentrate on what you know you are good at and use outside expertise for the rest. If you do, here’s what’s in it for you

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