New Product Launch: Monstrous May

May was truly a monstrous. Were you deluged with new product launch mails just like me? The IM space is over saturated with me-too marketers doing their best to get noticed. Perhaps it’s time they went back to the fundamentals of product launch marketing and found out what their core market really really wants to buy. It certainly can’t be just more of the same old same old.

Dave Risley commented on these product launch patterns as did Dave Navarro who commented on a piece over at Productive Flourishing.

Jeff Walker has sensibly decided not to launch his new product launch formula [3.0] until the 3rd week of June whereas Andy Jenkins is biding his time before announcing the launch of  Kajabi which is waiting in the wings.

It is certainly getting harder to find a time slot for your new product launch in the IM space but I’m sure that if you are not selling ‘how-to-make-money-on-the-internet’ or home-based-business-opportunities, your niche is not so inundated with new product launches [real estate and personal development excluded].

For the IM guys, it’s time for some original thinking. Perhaps they could finally give mobile marketing a try. After all there are more people [4.8 billion] in the world with mobile phones than there are  with computers. When will these so called experts or gurus as they prefer to be called, wake up to the opportunity that is staring them in the face every time  they send or receive an SMS?

For the rest of us, who are happily ensconced in other markets, May has been a fabulous opportunity to watch, learn swipe email copy and watch video techniques!

Dave Risley advocates incorporating webinars or online workshops in your marketing mix. This is a great list building tactic especially if you can invite a ‘heavy hitter’ who is a good ‘closer’ to join you. Once recorded you can put it on auto-play and drive qualified  traffic at your lists.

Mike Filsaime amongst others has Ustreamed on launch day. This makes the whole process much more transparent to your prospects and allows you to answer questions there and then  – LIVE

Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins are masters at entertaining us as they move through their launches. This is a great way to get your audience to drop their guard especially when you have a new product to launch.

But here’s the scoop… None of these guys confine their efforts to providing valuable and usable content to their new product launches. They are constantly giving away snippets of information that you and I can use in our marketing strategies in our own niches. They are constantly providing ‘proof’ and building their credibility. The two pre-requisites for any successful launch.

Cross-pollination is a wonderful thing. There’s no need to be original. You just have to repurpose a tactic that you know has worked for someone else and put it to good use

May was a golden opportunity to learn.

So here’s what you can do right now

Chances are that if you’re on this blog you’re considering a new product launch of your own so opt-in at the top of the right hand side bar on this page and download the “Launch Systems Toolbox’ which comes complete with 6 worksheets to help you get your new product launch ready.

Then, tell me what more I can do to help by leaving a comment below…

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