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Executing a successful product launch requires detailed planning so it’s best to start by having a crystal clear product marketing strategy combined with a commitment to push the free-line by giving away some of your best stuff.

By doing so, your audience will understand that you are in it for them. You are in it to help them overcome the frustrations that they are encountering and help them achieve success.

It’s a natural human reaction to want to reciprocate. Your prospects will do so by leaving comments on your blog and being open to your marketing messages.

In short, they will be engaged and even excited about your product launch so leverage this by following these 3 principles…

  1. Keep it Simple
    Pushing the free-line is a very effective tactic. In doing so, you boost the perceived value of your offer. But in doing so, ensure that you keep it simple. Make sure that you return again and again to one or two key concepts. Focus on these and define them by giving examples. By providing proof that they are the keys to success.
  2. Ensure Your Copy Resonates
    Copy writing is a key skill in any launch. Every word has to earn its place on the page. Even if you are delivering your messages by video, they need to be carefully scripted and ‘tight’. As a result this is a time when specialized skills come in handy and unless you come from copywriting background or you’re confident in your sales video skills, you will need help.
  3. Over Deliver on Value
    To do this you will have to get outside your comfort zone. Be creative about slicing and dicing your core product so that you add value. Think about the different modalities that you can use. Think about what you can add to boost perceived value. Breaking a $47 E-book into a series of videos, for instance, may well increase the perceived value by a factor of 10.

In putting these 3 principles into action, you align yourself with your core values – generosity of thought and deed – for all to see.

In making sure that your product launch sequence is based on the simple act of giving real value, you build your credibility, make sure that you are seen as a friendly and genuine person and gain the time to prove that you have the track record worthy of the expert status.

With expert status comes authority. With authority comes opportunity. And with opportunity comes the big day you most deserve.

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Rory Ramsden