Let’s Talk About Your First Product Launch

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Every time you step outside your comfort zone for the first time, you are bound to feel uncomfortable. So, it is with your first product launch.

The key is to recognize that fact and get used to the idea that you will make mistakes.

The good thing about using a product launch marketing strategy is that you don’t have to get things 100% right. It’s not a ‘one shot’ deal like a Superbowl Ad.

Set your goal. Make sure that it is clearly defined and measurable.

Buy yourself a journal. Make sure that you make notes each time you see something that could have been done better or a light bulb goes off in your head. This will be useful to review after your product launch is over so you can go back and optimize your processes.

Have confidence that your product launch parachute will save you

There is just one tiny ‘health warning’ that you have to be aware of. And that is that if you have not done your market research in enough depth to begin with then, you will be in trouble and there’s no way of avoiding it.

You will not be on the same wave length as your prospects and therefore your launch story will not have what it takes to hook your audience in.

And another thing

As the product creator, it is possible that you are ‘in love’ with it and blinded to its shortcomings. A product launch manager brings a fresh pair of eyes to the party. He can instantly see what you need to do to optimize your whole product marketing strategy, strengthen your offer and instantly get you on the right track.

If you have never done a product launch before, it’s good to have an experienced hand on deck to guide you.

Or you can hire one to give you a launch blueprint

The ‘Launch Incubator’ service we offer is just such an opportunity to get the basics right before you have gone too far.

Let’s fix a time to talk through where you are and where you feel you are lacking. The first 30 minutes of our call is absolutely without commitment and it won’t cost you a dime either 🙂




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Rory Ramsden