Layer Proof Elements To Build Trust Then Win Big

Product Launch Credibility


You want to build your credibility and authorityso that you can convert your prospects into buyers more quickly and effectively. People buy from people. It’s an emotional decision that is based on gut feeling and intuition. Of course, your timing has to be right but let’s take that as a given and work out how you can build the necessary triangle of trust – credibility, authority and likeability – with your audience so that they have absolute confidence that you are the right guy to do business with.


The internet can be a scary place. There are people out there who will do anything, say anything and sink to any level just to make that one sale so people have their BS meters switched right round to the red zone. An inkling of a bad vibe and you have lost them for ever. That’s why a product launch is the ideal strategy to put to work in your business. It is based on a sequence of events in which you want to layer one element of proof on top of another.  The more levels and different types of proof you integrate into your launch strategy the more your audience will see you as a credible authority…


And you will sell more stuff


When you share personal references, qualifications and achievements, case-studies, and testimonials, your message becomes that much more compelling.  By grouping them together, you leverage each one so that the sum of the parts is far exceeded by the whole. Providing the proof that your techniques or systems have worked for your clients is powerful. But getting those clients to give you personal references is far more so. You are not blowing your own trumpet. They are.


People like to hear what a third party has to say about a product or service before they buy. That’s why social proof is so important in a product launch. If you arrive on a launch blog and find that there are 100s of great comments, you are more likely to stop and take a look. Just in the same way as if you were looking for a place to eat had to choose between a restaurant that was full of people or one that was empty.


You would naturally give the benefit of the doubt to the busy place and try that first, wouldn’t you?


By getting your clients to define the transformation you have helped them achieve, you create a much bigger impact and become much more believable than if you said it yourself. By showing screen shots of metrics, blog comments and other data  in your pre-launch videos, you leverage the social proof that has been created and build your credibility.


If you teach people to play guitar – how many happy guitar players are out there, thanks to you? If you train hunting dogs, how many happy owners can you count..?


If you check the number of people on your valuable ‘buyers’ list and find that you have 4,713 happy clients who rely on you and your company for specialist advice – 63% of them for more than 3 years straight – That is powerful proof to your audience that they are dealing with someone who others have entrusted their business with and not just once but over a period of time. The key is to be specific with those numbers.


So leverage your list of existing happy clients to boost your credibility and the effectiveness of your product marketing strategy. There are 21 different types of proof that you can use. You don’t have to use them all. Just select the ones that suit you best. The more proof that you can integrate into your pre-launch sequence, the more your prospects are likely to open up to you and listen to your marketing message.


So here are 2 quick questions …

  1. If you could chose 3 types of proof to use in your product launch, which ones would they be – be specific – ?
  2. How would you weave these proof elements into your launch story and where ?


Well, strictly speaking that’s three questions but anyway leave a comment below giving me your answers. I’ll pick the best one and give the lucky winner a holiday gift that will make even the most inexperienced writer a storytelling pro…


Oh, and by the way, if you have not done a launch before or even if you have and now realize that hiring a launch manager would be a smart thing to do, you may be wondering how much hiring a product launch manager will cost. The quick answer is not as much as you might expect. Our aim is to structure a win-win sort of a deal with clients. We get paid when you get paid. That is we work on a percentage of the ‘pre-return’s gross’ revenue that your product launch makes. Naturally, you have to pay a fee to get on our calendar. We can only take on 2 or 3 clients per year so our time is valuable and we must know what our schedule is well in advance. It would be unfair on our other clients if we didn’t insist on this. Find out more by booking a free consultation with me now



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Rory Ramsden