Launch Ready: Is The Whole Launch Team On The Same Page?

So finally your product is ready to launch and you are deep into the process of launch planning. Your core team is building a time line for each and every action and reaction.


Who else have you let into your big secret? There are 11 check lists each with up to 30 items on them. All need checking and re-checking.

Its super important that those background business support services that you depend on know what is about to happen. For instance, it would be a disaster if your merchant account froze the revenues deluging into your shopping cart. How would you pay your JV Partners or your fulfillment house.

You only get one shot at doing this right. After that your climbing a slippery slope struggling to regain authority and the trust lost of those running your key support systems. They can make your life easy. Get it wrong and life instantly gets super difficult.

This is just one of the many reasons that you would be well advised to bring a product launch manager on board. He can provide you with the security you must have. He has done all this before. He has the necessary check lists and systems ready to drop into your launch. He can play a vital role coordinating all the different disciplines into one cohesive team.

Communication is King. Do not leave anything to chance. There are no stupid questions. The whole team must know and have confidence in the systems and procedures you have put in place. When the pressure is on, you’ll know whether your preparation was good enough. Of course, by then you’ll be fighting to stay on terms with the fast accelerating pace of the launch. It will develop a life of its own.

If you set it up right, all you’ll have to do is nudge it to keep it on track.

If you don’t….

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Rory Ramsden

Specialist focusing on getting new products ready to launch and re-launching ever-green products to the online community. What can a Product launch marketing do for you? - Significantly increase your ROI - Explode the size of both prospects and client email lists - Build strong rapport between your clients and your company - Dramatically increase the number and quality of your JV partners and affiliates - Make your business the 800lbs Gorilla in your market - Leverage your newly found cash flow and positioning to accelerate your growth - Send employee morale soaring to new undreamed of levels To get these benefits, we'll assist you to develop a strategic and tactical plan for your coordinated launch…There are a myriad of tools and tactics to use in an online product launch including - email lists - blogs - surveys - special reports - sales letters - autoresponders - video and audio presentations - webinars - squeeze pages - Social Media - Networking As professional product launch manager, we will help you select the most appropriate for your needs. Remember Product Launches work for all types of products and services, evergreen or new so contact me to find out more +33637500988 Specialties The Launch Systems Toolbox This limited consultancy will assess your state of readiness in 6 key areas. The fee is typically set against our fees for piloting your complete launch. []