Launch Mining: 6 Ways To Build a Killer Offer

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Creating an overwhelming offer will trigger a buying frenzy and ensure that your product launch is a resounding success. To do this, you bundle a series of supporting and relevant bonuses with a high perceived value with your core product. Mining your assets is the process of identifying digital products that can be re-purposed and used as bonuses.

Do you have everything you need?  Or do you need to get hold of  more pieces to complete the puzzle which is your product launch offer?

Let’s start with the product. Do you have one?  Or are you looking for ideas to create a product.  If you are looking for ideas then start with a niche you are passionate about and find a sub-niche populated by a hungry crowd with plenty of money. Now identify the top 3 challenges that keep these people awake worrying at 0400am.  Next, take a long hard look at the competition and pretty soon you will have got the makings of a killer product to launch.

Tip: If you already have a product,  make a list of resources that would best support it.

Now let’s go mining…

  • Do you have raw material lying around on your hard drive?
    You’ll be surprised what you have accumulated over the years that lie forgotten in some dark and dusty corner. Take a deep five and don’t come up for air until you have surfaced what you are looking for. These are gold nuggets that combined will add value to your product launch offer.

Tip: Think about how you can slice and dice them to give the maximum perceived value. Can you re-work parts into process maps, workbooks, pod casts, video and special reports. Do you have any webinar recordings that can be transcribed? Power Point presentations that can be made into videos?

  • What case studies or testimonials can do you have? If you already done some test marketing prior to your intended product launch – and you should – what feedback did you get? Did you survey those customers? They can help you promote your product launch by providing case studies. Having a group of strong advocates who will tweet, like and comment on your social media profiles is a powerful asset.

Tip: Remember you will need a ton of proof elements to build credibility and trust – No Proof = No Launch –

  • How warm is your mailing list? If you have not been in touch with them for  a while. Start sending them regular updates. Give some valuable content away. Push the free line so that they begin to recognize that you are a reliable source of trending topics in your niche. 

Tip: Customer lists are obviously are bigger assets that prospect lists because they those people have already bought from you.

  • Do You Have Existing Joint Ventures Partners? If you don’t have a list find people in you niche that do and become friends with them today.  This is where your original research of the competition comes in handy because they are the very people who should be promoting your product launch on a you-scratch-my back-and- I’ll-scratch-yours basis. Using joint venture partners will catapult your product launch into a new orbit – It’ll super-size your prospect list too. 

Tip: The best way to attract JVs is to actively sell their products – Buy their products too – You’ll pretty soon come up on their radar and as you have already put money in their pockets they are more likely to reciprocate.

  • Do you have resources to help create your content? This will surely reduce your time to put together the launch if you have outsourcers who can do the grunt work for you.  If not it will just take you more time to produce yourself – Nothing wrong with that – but remember having a team of people who you can outsource whole projects to is a valuable asset.

Tip: Your outsource team should compliment your skills not duplicate them

  • Are You a Member of Any Mastermind Groups? It’s a great idea to find other people in your niche that you can mastermind with to brainstorm ideas.  They can help with your product launch. They can help you assemble your product. They can even help you with that asset mining too.  All of which will boost the power of your product launch.

Tip: Start by paying it forward and helping them out with the challenges they face

  • Are you on the forums in your niche? This is a great way to introduce yourself to the market.  As you contribute to the forums, people will recognize you as a leader in your niche, then sign up for you lists and poof you have instant prospects for your launch.

Tip: Forums are a great place to start your market research and competition analysis

Want to know more about planning your product launch goals?  Then just complete this Product Launch Survey and I’ll get straight back to you to schedule a free product launch manager consultation. Here’s what you should be thinking about in the meantime

In the meantime, if you’re having problems with your asset mining, don’t hesitate to leave a question below


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