It’s Like Taking a Gun To a Knife Fight… Win, Win, Win

22mm bullets

Win, Win, Win


It’s like taking a gun to a knife fight. When you start your product launch sequence you want to know that you have stacked the deck in your favor. In fact you want to be certain you have won the battle before a shot is fired.


By insert these three dumdum bullets in the chamber you’ll give yourself the best chance


Win #1. A Niche That Will Instantly Get The Value of What You Have To Offer


Gary Halbert once said that if he was selling hamburgers, the only advantage he’d want was access to a starving crowd.


Selecting a niche is not just a question of checking the competition for a new keywords in Google. You have to verify that the prospects in that market segment not only have money but also are prepared to spend it. PPC advertising is the quickest way of doing this so become an affiliate and promote some offers in your chosen niche.


It’ll cost you $200 per offer to verify whether there is a market to be tapped but you’ll also learn...


a) A lot about your competitors and their sales funnels. Take the time to analyze their ‘back end’ offers too. Having a good understanding of what your up against will make it much easier to position your product and make it 10% better than the rest


b) Testing headlines and copy in this way will give you a fast insight into what resonates and what doesn’t which will pay dividends later when it comes to your product launch


c) You will already be building the list of prospects and buyers that is essential to your pre-pre launch momentum building


The good news is that this process may turn out to be self-liquidating. Meaning that when you come up with an offer that converts you can run with it and recoup on some of those $200 deals that failed to live up to expectations.


Bottom line: Budget on being out-of-pocket at the end of this process but reassure yourself that this money is well spent because you will have clearly identified where the hungry crowd is and what they are buying right now.


Win #2. A Deep Understanding of Your Prospect’s Psyche


Getting a handle on the demographics of your niche is pretty simple now. You can take the best sites that you’ve been working with as an affiliate and push them through,, and and you’ll pretty soon have the demographics of your market. These stats can be verified using your Facebook Insights too so this phase of your research will be over quickly


But digging in to their psyche will transform you into an amateur sleuth. You have to get a grip of your prospects  state of mind.


I doubt anyone would argue that emotions are what drive buying decisions. That’s the level at which those decision really gets made. You read that idea in a lot of marketing books, but it really takes a lot of work (unless you’re selling to people JUST like you) to develop a deep emotional understanding of your buyer so you can make them feel good


Surveying them certainly helps. Inviting the people on your mailing list to join you on a tele-seminar or two will certainly turn up some ideas that you may not have thought of. But the absolute winning technique is simply to ring them up and have a chat.


Win #3 A Compelling Offer


By now, you may consider that your product is so smoking hot that it will fly off the shelves as soon as you open your ‘product launch’ doors.


Be warned you are about to make a fatal mistake. Falling in love with your product is a terminal disease which results in crushing defeat


Getting your product launch ready is 80% of the project you have in hand. Now is the time to ‘stack the cool’ as Mr Kern says by adding value. Relevant and supporting bonuses are key. With these buyers will jump off the fence with credit cards in hand. Some may even buy to get hold of the bonuses and forget your core product altogether. This is your goal.


Follow these steps. Don’t skim through them. Verify that you found a niche where people spend money. Understand what makes them tick. Then sell them something at a premium price that will have far more value to them than the money they paid for it.


It’s not rocket science. Anyone can do it. You just have to stick to the process then your product launch will go off like a side winder missile. To find out more, contact us now.



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Rory Ramsden