It’s All About Relevance, Resonance and Significance

Keep It Significant And Shareable

Keep It Significant And Shareable



Your product launch is all about relevance, resonance and significance.


It’s about how relevant your launch story is


How much it resonates with your customers


And how significant they believe it to be


The more impact you have, the more likely it is that your prospects will take action. Or join the launch conversation. Or indeed buy your product.


So as Brian Solis says – author ofEngage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web – the acronym KISS still applies, but its meaning has changed from…


Keep It Simple Stupid




Keep It Significant and Shareable


This is especially so when it comes to the central hub of your product launch – your launch blog – Making it easy for your prospects to share their excitement by leaving a comment and then leveraging that social proof by interfacing them with Facebook and Twitter is crucial.


Enabling these social media powerhouses has one other major benefit for you. These two giants of the new web are accessed on the move using mobile apps by millions of people everyday. Your prospects can keep in touch wherever they may be and just as importantly you have a strategy in place for reaching them.


And another thing


If your business is online, offline or somewhere in between, you have probably realized that you’ve got to get your head around this web marketing thing. It’s the only game in town now.


The local paper is dying on its feet. Yellow pages makes a useful doorstop. There’s no way of measuring how much business you’re getting from them anyway. Unless you call intuition and the seat of your pants an effective way of doing it of course.


You’ve probably also realized that learning how to make the most out of all these online tools and tactics will take time that you just don’t have.


That’s where the done-for-you ‘Platinum Marketing Coach‘  program comes in. It’ll get your online marketing up to speed instantly whilst you’re learning how to manipulate the web to your best advantage with weekly one to one coaching calls.


These aren’t the sort of calls where you can sit back, zone out and listen to. You’ll be engaged. Asking questions and getting straight answers. Mind you, you will be put on the spot from time to time.  You’ll be ready for your first product launch in next to no time.


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Rory Ramsden