Is Your Product it For Purpose ?

listen to ME!

You may have an ‘idea’ for a new product but until you have consulted the people in your core market, adapted the first raw thought and focused it so that it is actually fit for purpose, you have nothing…

Nothing but an idea, that is.

The questions that you have to answer before contemplating a product launch are these…

Does this idea provide the solution to a desperate need in my core market

If the answer is… Yes

What is the #1 benefit that this solution will provide that makes it unique ? ”

Your aim is to fall in love with your prospects not your product. If you do, you will be intent on delivering value to them in the way that they want it delivered. Your product launch story will resonate with your audience because it is centered on their needs, desires and wants.

That is after all what your prospects are interested in.  They don’t give a fig about you or your clever ideas. But show interest by listening first and you’ll start a conversation. That conversation will carry you like a wave right through your product launch.

These relationships and the stories that you discover will be  the basis for your core myth. The one that stitches your launch together. And you will have created a core group of beta testers to help you refine your product. They will help you because you took the time to listen. They will want to reciprocate.

The people in your niche are looking for something different. They don’t know what it is. Your job is to help them find it. Then you will have a product fit for purpose.

Buster Keaton used to say “Think slow, act fast

The time you spend listening to your prospects and thinking about how you can help them will enable you to deliver value to their lives. Your original hunch may have been right. It may have been wide of the mark. It doesn’t matter. It was the catalyst that spurred you to engage with your audience.

The empathy you establish will have a direct impact on the the success of your product launch.


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Rory Ramsden