Is Product Launch Marketing Political?

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I was listening to two guys dissing the idea of doing a product launch yesterday.

One had never actually done one and the other only had a passing acquaintance with the concept so it was interesting to hear what they had to say. They were potential clients after all so their perception, however wrong it might be, is important.

Having only seen a product launch from the outside, they imagined that they could only be massive affairs involving high profile joint venture partners. They saw the huge spike in top line revenue achieved – as much revenue achieved in 7 days as would normally be done in 180 days – and got to thinking that that was it.

That was a product launch.

It had to be ‘political’ because people launching products had lots of friends promoting for them. It had to be ‘political’ because they had only watched the big so-called internet marketing ‘guru’ launches which appear a bit incestuous after a while, don’t they?

Nothing could be further from the truth

Out in the real world where we all live, there are product launches going on every day. No-one hears about them because these marketers do ‘internal’ launch after internal launch to their prospect lists without affiliates or JVs. Each time boosting the size of their lists.

Remember the well known Dan Kennedy dictum – I’m paraphrasing here –

You don’t build a list to do a product launch. You do a product launch to build a list

You don’t need to do a massive external launch. When you just launch to your list you keep all the revenue. You don’t have all the hassles of wrangling partners. Getting them to actually mail for you. And sharing 50% of the revenue. You keep it all.

You go about your business quietly and effectively.

You know that your prospect list is valuable but your list of buyers is worth 10 times more. You know that these lists are the most valuable assets you will ever own.

You know you’re in a powerful position.

Your ‘people’ know, like and respect you. They trust you because they have had the happy experience of buying from you or at the very least learning some valuable stuff from the ‘quick start guide’ you taught in your pre-launch sequence.

Your lists will be recent and hyper-responsive. Other marketers in your niche will certainly know this and want you to promote their products. You can pick and chose.

That sales spike will take your business to another level.

Yes… your revenue will fall after your product launch but never to the level that it was before.

Have you done a product launch? What other misconceptions do people have about them? Tell me below by leaving a comment…


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Rory Ramsden