Is Doing a Product Launch Right For You?

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Doing a Product launch has become super popular amongst those selling digital products on line and for good reason. Doing a launch is probably the single most effective product marketing strategy that you could use.


They are not for lazy marketers who just want to make a quick buck because

  • You have to develop a well thought through launch sequence
  • You have to build a relationship with your prospects
  • You have to write a lot of copy
  • And you have to work hard

So if any of the above tends to put you off, then please don’t bother reading any further because product launches are honestly only for serious entrepreneurs who want to build a long term sustainable business.

If that’s you and…

– You want to become the recognized expert in your niche within a niche

– You want to grow your mailing lists – prospects or buyers –

– You want to simply cash in big-time after optimizing your sales funnel and offer

Then doing a product launch is right for you.

You see you can build predictable streams of income by making information publishing part of your business. You can add value. You can make your offer unique. You can over-deliver on your promise to your customers. All without having to take on extra inventory, staff or overheads.

Given the benefits, I’m wondering why you haven’t done a launch for yourself already

– Is it because you think product launches only work for big brands like Apple ?

– Is it because you don’t have a big list of prospects ?

– Is it because you don’t have any affiliates ?

– Or is it because you simply don’t have time to do all the pre-launch strategizing and planning?

Well, here’s the good news

Product launch marketing works in any niche even if you only have a small list and no affiliates.

And you can hire a product launch manager to do all the strategizing and planning for you.

All you have to do is factor your launch into your marketing budget and make yourself available to take on the role of ‘product champion’ and resident niche expert.

Your product launch manager will do the rest

So, if your ultimate aim is to do 3 months turnover in 7 days, boost your status in your segment of the market and grow your list exponentially then stop what your doing and pick up the phone now, right now.

Here’s my number +1 (424) 238-0515


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Rory Ramsden