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In a recent post I walked you through the 3 step pre-launch sequence you should use for your product launch. The one small addition that you could make is the ‘fireside chat’.

This is an additional unscheduled video to slip into the pre-launch sequence between #2 and #3 in which you take the most frequently asked and important questions from your launch blog comments and answer them in a friendly ‘down home’ manner.

Far from thinking why they should buy your product, your prospects are in fact working over time to build up an argument in their own heads as to why they should not buy it. And the most popular reasons will appear as questions on your blog.

When it comes to doing a product launch, here are the most common…

  • I haven’t got a list
  • It’ll never work in my niche
  • I don’t have a product
  • My product isn’t ready
  • I don’t have any affiliates
  • etc etc

The fact is  that you don’t need a list before you do a product launch. The very act of doing one will build you a list – You sell a product to build a list. You don’t build a list to sell a product – And marketers have done multiple product launches in multiple small niches. The more unlikely the better.

Of course, a small niche may not allow you to do a 6 figure launch straight-out-of-the-gate but a product launch will get your business rolling and allow you to build up to one

It’ll make you a welcome guest in your prospects’ in-box and not a pest.

In fact, if you start small – that’s always the best place – you don’t even have to have a product to do a product launch. You can simply sign up as an affiliate for a product that you have thoroughly checked out and off you go. It’s best to start in a niche in which you like because once you have the ‘makings’ of a list – 60/100 – you can go to step2 and do a seed launch.

This is where you work with your prospects to develop and refine your product idea.  You get them to help you tune your ideas and they’re happy to do it. And there’s no need to have any affiliates either. You get to keep all the money for yourself 🙂

So when planning your pre-launch sequence, remember to include a “Fireside Chat”. It will give you the chance to answer those all important questions before the cart opens and help to build your credibility and like-ability too.

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Rory Ramsden