Integrate Social Media & Mobile into Your Product Launch

Use a QR Code in Your Product Launch

Use a QR Code in Your Product Launch


Product launch marketing is evolving. New strategies are emerging that can now be integrated into your launch.


More people visit Facebook every day than visit Google. Youtube is officially the world’s 2nd largest search engine. QR codes and other mobile marketing strategies are gaining traction in main stream marketing circles


Here are some stats….


  • Facebook has 500 million + users worldwide


  • 25% of all page views in the USA are on Facebook


  • 54% of internet users in the USA have Facebook accounts.


  • Candidates in the Canadian general election are using QR codes on posters


  • Autoresponders to handle group texting are springing up like daisies


  • They also handle click-to-call services so that you can speak directly to your prospects on the move


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that these tools can be put to work in your product launch

  1. QR Codes
  2. Text messaging campaigns
  3. Click-to-call from mobile websites
  4. And Facebook businesses pages

I’m not suggesting that you should dispense with tried and tested tools like your launch blog, webinars and video events. These will continue to be an integral part of your product launch sequence


But now you can Iframe html pages into Facebook, your launch can be integrated right into your Facebook business page. Prospects with smart phones can access them, keep up to date with your product launch conversation and up date their profiles at the same time.


The fight is between Google’s Android system and Apple


More people in the USA have a smart phone than a feature phone.


Tablets like the Ipad are being sold in their millions.


It really is time to take action. Creating an App for your product launch is a viable proposition – Given an offer that you know converts like crazy –


In the meantime, code your blog using html5 and make sure you create a sub-domain for your mobile website.


For a fully integrated product launch marketing strategy or what I call a ‘Friction Free Product Launch‘ you should drive traffic to your mobile and static opt in pages using all the tools at your disposal.


Not doing so means that you are leaving money on the table


Yes… It is possible to see a good return on your investment if you just rely on driving traffic to your blog


But NO… You are potentially missing out on the viral aspect of social media as well as not reaching your customers on the move.


The time is now. Take action today. It is the early adopters who will win biggest.


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Rory Ramsden