If You’re Not Launch Ready, Here Are 11 Steps To Blast off

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get yourself launch ready.
It’s simply a matter of running througThe Big Red Product Launch Buttonh these product launch
checklists before you close the hatches.

The alternative is to have a front row seat as your credibility gets incinerated on the launch pad.

All your hard work will become just a mass of twisted metal.

  • Your joint venture partners to whom you promised so much… Gone
  • Your position in the market place … Destroyed
  • Your bank balance… Busted
  • Your life… In Ruins

There’s a lot to be said for getting yourself launch ready

When you push that big red button, you’re going to launch a series of events that will move quickly. As you sit in the command capsule, you’ll able to monitor developments and flick a few switches but you’ll not be truly in control of everything. Product Launches have a tendency to develop a mind of their own

So here are the 11 product launch checklists…

  1. Launch Plan
    We’re not talking product launch strategy here but the nuts and bolts of your launch planning… Day, Date, Time + all the moving parts on your launch site that have to be fully tested and ready
  2. Blog
    Your product launch blog basics, design, set up and web 2.0 integration + you need to consider installing a mobile plug-in to automatically convert your theme for use by smart phones then you’ll have a truly friction free product launch
  3. Squeeze Page
    Is that a straight Squeeze page or a reverse-squeeze page? Have you made a big promise? How ‘Killer’ is your headline? Have you got some hot back-ups? Is your product launch squeeze page fully tested?
  4. Launch Team
    Use this list to make sure you have all your bases covered.┬á Remember that you are building a team. Your product launch team should have the whole range of complimentary skill sets. You can’t do it all. Recognize that fact
  5. Resources
    If you need to outsource work, find reliable resources. Make sure that you have used them all before your product launch gets under way. You won’t have the time to find someone to transcribe your webinars or handle a technical hitch on launch day
  6. Customer Service
    Probably the most overlooked aspect of any product launch. These are the guys who are there to iron out the gliches. And Yes… plan for the worst and hope for the best. A well-briefed customers service team is a potential profit centre not an overhead that you have to suffer
  7. Fulfillment
    If you’re delivering a digital product, you have to think about fulfillment just as much as if you plan to deliver your new customers a nice big box. Oh… And don’t leave the graphics to the last moment ! ­čÖé
  8. Launch Day
    There will be a whole heap of details to check on launch day. Make sure that you prioritize them and write them down. Then you can get a good night’s sleep – believe me you’ll need it – and be ready for action. Your product launch needs you ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’ !
  9. Payment
    There’s no point in executing a perfectly planned product launch if you don’t or can’t get paid.┬á Pay special attention to this one. Does your merchant account provider know what’s about to hit him? Are PayPal involved? Have you taken the opportunity┬á to talk to your bank account manager? These guys could close you down in the blink of an eye… or at the very least, embargo your revenue for 90 days. How would you pay your JV partners then? They won’t wait…
  10. Sales Letter
    You could be doing the last revisions to this at midnight the day before you launch. Making sure that your copy resonates with your core market is not something that you set and forget. You will be monitoring your launch blog right up to the last minute to make sure that you have identified any unexpected objections. They have to be dealt with in your sales letter or is that a video? If so that needs a script…
  11. Tech
    This is another huge area and frankly I’m not a techie so I call in my ‘resident genius’ when it comes to integrating shopping cart, sales letter, JV tracking and the back end up-sells, cross sells etc. It pays – operative word = ‘pays’ – to get all this tested and tested again using every conceivable combination. A smooth running process will mean no problems for your customer service team or your affiliate manager

Oh, Yes… we haven’t even talked about keeping all your affiliates and JV partners in the loop whilst you’re dealing with all of the above.

That’s another huge list… a long checklist that you’ll have to keep track of. Or have you decided to hire in a specialist? Was he recommended? What’s his track record? Are you sure about that?

As I said, there are a lot of moving parts in a product launch so it pays – there’s that word again – to start small and not be in too much of a hurry to make the big time. Believe me, the big time will find you when you’re ready.

So after all these hassles, what’s in it for you? Plenty as it happens but if you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed here’s how to hire a product launch manager.

Did I miss something? I’m not surprised. Leave a comment below and give me your opinion

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Rory Ramsden