How well Do You Know Your Customers ?

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Here’s a quick test. The result will prove conclusively to everyone – yourself as well as the product launch manager that you intend to hire – that you really can join in the conversation going on inside the heads of your target audience.

Here goes…

Take a pristine sheet of paper and a pen. On one side, write all you can about your favorite TV star, author, personality or whoever. It doesn’t so much matter who you choose but what is interesting is how much you can write. Go into as much detail as you can. Drill down and tell me as much as you can about where he or she lives and what are his preoccupations. What bugs her? What makes her laugh? Does she have any foibles or idiosyncrasies?

Take 15 minutes…

Now turn the paper over and do the same for your ideal customer.

Which answer was the longest? If it was not your ideal customer, take a demerit. Stay behind and do some more market research.

It may take you 3 months. It may take longer but you have to get this right. If you are not fluent in the language and travails of you target audience, your product launch story will not resonate. It will not engage and what’s more your offer will not be laser focused.

A successful product launch is a beautiful thing to behold. It does not rely on the use of hypey language or extravagant promises. It relies on you being able to pull the triggers that will spur your prospects into action. It relies on you being in tune with their fears and frustrations.

You must have an intuitive understanding of how to tweak their pain points

If you can, your product launch will have super high conversion rates, low return rates and your customer value will be through the roof.

And another thing

You will make money. You will position yourself as the authority figure in your niche and you will achieve a deal flow that will transfer straight to your bottom line.

This is a simple equation. Master the art of solving it by focusing on your customers’ needs, wants and desires then product launch heaven will follow.

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