How To Use Anticipation In Product Launches


5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1…. Product Launch BLASTOFF. Your adrenalin spikes, your pulse quickens as you push the SEND button. Then you wait. And wait. And wait. Uncertainly clouds your vision and the word “failure” looms on the horizon. “Where are the SALES?”


This scene plays over and over for millions of online marketers who never realized the importance of a strategic product launch.


You can change this scene for the better if you take the right steps.


5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1…. Product Launch BLASTOFF. Your adrenalin spikes, your pulse quickens as you push the SEND button. WOW! The first sale is made, then the next, then the next – you exceed your expectations… and your merchant account reveals the truth of your success.


Two launches, same product. What made the difference in these two scenarios?


Product launch strategies!


A successful product launch just doesn’t happen… it is a well-executed event. An event with a strategically timed process that creates a frenzy BEFORE the sa,e. This frenzy is triggered by anticipation.


Anticipation is best created long before the launch. It provides an opportunity for your subscribers and customers to raise their hands and say, “Yes, place me on your preferred list. I want to be the first to know when your product will be released.” Once you have their YES, feed their anticipation with daily communications to whet their appetite for the upcoming event, and make your messages valuable.


Offer free reports, audio files, pod casts or eBooks to educate them about your product. The value of your free gifts will confirm the anticipated value of your product.


How do you get your market involved in the anticipation of your product launch?


Communication is the key: Videos, Blogs, Public Speaking.


#1. Videos – Add videos to your website. Engage your customers in the product. Demonstrate the application of a strategy, system or technique. Videos trigger the emotional pull to your product. It sparks the “I want that!” emotion.

#2. Blogs – The “in” form of communication on the web. Top markers such as Jason Potash, Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Frank Kern, John Reese and Jeff Walker all use this vehicle to engage their readers in discussion about their products. Blogs produce traffic and interest AND they convert visitors to customers.

#3. Pubic Speaking – It is your product. You are the expert. Let the world know it. Stimulate interest within your “social community” and they will raise their hands to be on your preferred list – the first to buy your product because they know you personally!


Now you know the “hidden secrets” of the most successful product launches – including the John Reese historical product launch – a million dollars sold in one day. Expert advice from such professionals is sure to help you orchestrate a fantastic product launch.



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