How To Turn Your Expertise Into Income in 5 Simple Steps

Product Launch: Turn Your Expertise into Income


There’s one thing that a small entrepreneurial business is always striving to do and that’s squeeze every last dime out of its assets. Whether you are a consultant, an expert or an author – Yes, writing is a business just like any other – you are always looking for ways to leverage your time and generate the most income you possibly can. This applies equally well to public speakers and coaches too, not to mention clicks-and-mortar businesses.


Each one of you has a wealth of knowledge and experience locked up inside your heads. It’s your most important asset. It’s right up there with your list of best clients. The ones who not only buy from you again and again but would walk through fire to defend you on the social media barricades. This know-how is invaluable. Your intellectual property is your passport to maximizing your income in 2012


So how can you turn this expertise into income, simply and quickly?


#1. Identify a hungry market –

#2. Find out what problem they will pay most to get solved

#3. Focus your expertise on providing the solution –

#4. Create the product

#5. Launch your new product to an audience which is primed and ready –


Sounds easy doesn’t it but there’s probably one thing that stopping your right now




How can you be expected to do all that AND still maintain the pace that you have set yourself. I mean, getting what you have to do done is hard enough as it is without adding a new project to your workload. Not to mention all the technical elements that you will have to master. Making videos, podcasts, uploading ebooks on to as yet un-nameed websites. Then there’s all the graphics to design and copy to write. That’s before you even get to the point of doing a product launch. And you know that just doing one will guarantee you leave money on the table.


Well, I’ve got you covered there


Just imagine that all that hassle was taken care of and all you had to do was to talk to someone on the phone in a structured way at a time that suits you. The rest is taken care off by people who do that stuff for a living. That sort of custom service would make that 5 step process really simple and quick too, wouldn’t it. You wouldn’t have to worry about the details. You could just focus on applying your expertise to the problem – you probably already know the one that your market is crying out to get solved anyway – and delivering your solution.


It’s not a dream. You can do this


Did you know that baby boomers are currently retiring at the rate of 1 every 8 seconds and nearly half – 47.2% to be exact – are at risk of not having enough money for basic monthly expenses when they retire. This is not just about you. The challenge you face is bigger than that. You may be getting old enough to retire, but you’re not rich enough. That’s for sure


We’re all clinging to the wreckage that used to be our savings. The value of your nest egg has been decimated by all those fat cats on wall street who are paying themselves large salaries to suck money out of your bank account and invest it in dubious money making schemes that they sell on before the waste product hits the ventilator.


There’s only one thing you can do. And you’ve been doing it all your life and that’s to face up to the challenge and take action to overcome the problem. Only this time you aren’t by yourself. We’ve got your back.


You see we’ve just introduced a new service – and its only open to a select few – where we work with you from start to finish. We create the product for you. We handle the technical. We prime your target market so that your product launch is put in the context of the financial, social and technological trends that are out there now. And finally we stack one product launch on top of another so that no money is left on the table when we do the ‘Big One’.


The kicker in all this is the product launch marketing strategy. It is built to engage your audience in a way that builds confidence in you and establishes you as the authority in your micro-niche as well as being just a plain down-home kind of likeable guy. There’s no hype involved. It’s modeled on the same process that Steve Jobs used to make Apple the company that it is today. A leading innovator that makes its shareholders money month after month, year in year out.


And it is possibly the biggest leverage point that you or your business will ever experience. I realize that this is not for everyone. You don’t have time for Kabuki – theatre – and neither do we. Life is too short and besides we have to like each other if this is going to work. The first step is to  find out more about how a successful product launch actually works so contact me.


First and foremost,  we focus on delivering value. We aim to transform your launch from a bottle rocket into an intercontinental ballistic missile. Our aim is to structure a win-win sort of a deal with clients. We get paid when you get paid. We can only take on 2 or 3 clients per year so we can be sure that your product launch gets the attention it deserves. It would be unfair on our other clients if we didn’t insist on this. So you’ll appreciate that we have to be just as careful as you are when choosing clients to work with.  Find out more by booking a free consultation with me now


In the meantime, check out this launch cost/benefit analysis. You’ll be impressed by the returns that a modestly priced product will achieve over time.  So now you know the solution, it is your responsibility to take action and rectify the situation. If you don’t you will only have yourself to blame






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Rory Ramsden