How To Steal Your Competitor’s Best Clients [An Ethical Way To Win]

Product Launch Stealing Customers [Ethically]


One thing that we all tend to forget is that our best clients will certainly leave us if we fail to live up to their expectations. That includes continuing to put offers in front of them and inviting them to buy through your product launch marketing strategy. They may have stepped on to our value staircase from a landing half way up or down depending on their outlook. Having consumed that product, they should logically be looking for another that extends that experience either in a more sophisticated way or merely enhances their enjoyment of what they already have.


If you don’t provide these new products someone else will.  Your clients want choice. If they find it somewhere else they will quickly become your best ex-clients. The reverse is also true. Your competitors lose their best clients as well. The question therefore is how you can ‘encourage’ them to look elsewhere without being unethical in the process?


The secret to legally “stealing” your competitors’ best clients is surprisingly simple, but that does not mean easy. There is no need to be aggressive, mean or sly either.  No one likes a bully. The secret is that you have to be measurably better than your competition. It has little to do with price and all to do with positioning, value and authority.


Saying you are the best is not the way. That invites others to prove that you aren’t. And you cannot be the best at everything either so it is odds on that they will trip you up somewhere. No, the ‘best’ way to attract those good customers is to be specific about what sets you apart. What makes you different. Offering a quick and easy way to solve an old problem using modern technology is recommended


Positioning yourself as the thought-leader in your niche like this means people will gravitate to you, because they want something new and exclusive that few of their friends have. They too want to be seen as ‘in-front of the curve’. They want to be seen as leaders so are always looking for ways to demonstrate that.


Being different allows you to take on the big brands in your niche by laser focusing your offer on an area that they do not serve well. The big guys are far more likely to be behind the curve when it comes to change. They have built inertia. Their established way of doing things prevents them from moving fast or being flexible. The life of a big brand used to be 75 years. It is now only 15 and getting shorter all the time


Focusing on what your prospects really really want rather than just what they say they want requires you to look beyond the trite towards the exceptional. It requires going the extra mile…

  • By adding more value
  • By making your product or service easier to use
  • By getting better results more quickly


Once your customers discover that you over deliver and under promise, they will be ready to do business with you over the long term and it is now that you want to be able to offer them more products and services. They will be prepared to pay more for them because they know that they will get their money’s worth. In fact they will thank you for being allowed to pay more because they know they are buying peace of mind.


They will be disappointed if you don’t invite them to buy other products and services from you which is why stacking one product launch on top of another is such a powerful strategy. But first you need a range of products and many entrepreneurs miss a trick or two here because they are so focused on winning new business.


They forget that they have hidden assets that they are not leveraging to the maximum. They do not put a commercial value on their intellectual property. Packaging the knowledge, experience and expertise locked inside their heads into a digital product will boost their top line sales. It will strengthen their existing position in the market and it will expand the size of that market geographically, numerically and in terms of value too.


Leveraging your assets better than your competition is the mark of a business that can survive difficult times. Having a great marketing strategy is part of that process. It involves everything from identifying your core market to engaging with it and then involving them in your product launch. Part of your marketing is about connecting with your prospects through the power of your personal narrative.


People do business with people especially people that they know, like and can identify with


So don’t focus on stealing your competitors’ best clients. Focus on leveraging your assets to the maximum and expanding your own market by doing one product launch after another. That way you will win new customers who will want nay demand to do more business with you. The word will soon get around. Then you will have more customers than you know what to do with…


Only, you will know what to do with them because you will have a product launch marketing strategy that when fully optimized can almost run itself.


If you have not done a launch before or even if you have and now realize that hiring a launch manager would be a smart thing to do, you may be wondering how much hiring a product launch manager will cost. The quick answer is not as much as you might expect. Our aim is to structure a win-win sort of a deal with clients. We get paid when you get paid. That is we work on a percentage of the ‘pre-return’s gross’ revenue that your product launch makes. Naturally, you have to pay a fee to get on our calendar. We can only take on 2 or 3 clients per year so our time is valuable and we must know what our schedule is well in advance. It would be unfair on our other clients if we didn’t insist on this. Find out more by booking a free consultation with me now



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Rory Ramsden