How To Know What Your Audience Is Hungry For?


Before You even start creating your product or developing your product launch marketing strategy, you want to be sure that there is a market out there hungry to buy. In short, you have to verify that you are not going to waste your time and money.


So here’s how to test the waters…


Start off by creating a squeeze page for your product. Include benefit driven bullet points, a teaser video and an opt in box with a killer lead magnet – this is the product overview and should be a max 10 pages – Now pay for some PPC Advertising and drive some traffic.


Make sure that you require a double opt-in so that when your subscribers click through to the download page, you can offer them the option of buying a relevant affiliate offer in your niche.


When you have had a minimum of 100 clicks. Note your CTR. You will know instantly whether the market will float your boat or not. Remember to A/B test your Ads and group your keywords appropriately. This will tell you which ones are really pulling the traffic.


You will now know for sure that there are people out there in your marketplace with money to spend and to prove it you may even have made a few sales with your affiliate offer.


Imagine how much time and effort this process will save you. Spending months building a website and writing articles for a dead end product. All that work can be done once you know there is potential for a worthwhile return.


AND you already have a list that you can continue to test affiliate offers with as you narrow down the content and structure of your product – remember to buy the best converting ones – Analyze them to see what content is the same, what’s different and just as importantly what’s missing.


Now move to the final stage Remember that you have not created your product yet – this is where you run a series of webinars with recognized niche experts or solo


Your purpose is two fold..

#1. To give your audience a takeaway of real value. It is important that this gets them closer to their goal. This will build build pre-launch momentum

#2. To elicit as many questions as you can. There may be some that you weren’t expecting. These are the diamonds because they may give you insights that will boost the power of your offer by adding product content.


The process is almost complete now. There’s just one more step to take…


Invite your list to complete a survey. Make sure that you offer an incentive to everyone who completes it so you get as much feedback as possible. The incentive could be the edited transcripts from the webinars.


Now you are golden


a) You have verified that their are buyers in your market


b) You have the makings of a mailing list


c) You have the recordings of the webinars that you can use as evergreen lead magnets


d) And you have real insight and feedback from your core market


You can’t get anymore tightly focused than that except perhaps if you choose to go the extra mile and actually get on the phone with a few of your survey respondents.


Your audience has told you exactly what they want from you. The best way to ensure a successful product launch is to ask the audience exactly what they need or want. I often laugh at the amount of times I have heard a famous Internet marketer say that the concept behind their latest product was born from solving a problem that their existing customer base had identified themselves. This is as close to creating a winning product launch as you can get.


You’ve made your project as easy and risk free as possible AND … Your audience know and trust you. They’re used to getting emails from you. Plus you have offered them the exact product they asked for. That is a home run in product creation.


Now all you have to do is launch your new product.


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Rory Ramsden