How To Integrate Facebook into Your Product Launch

Speak To Your Audience On The Move

Speak To Your Audience On The Move



Traditionally, the hub of your product launch has been your blog. It’s here you have hosted your squeeze pages and launch videos and of course there is no reason why you should not continue to do so.


But now you can add a Facebook business page to the process. 🙂


Facebook has 600 million users worldwide. 25% of the profile updates are posted from a mobile meaning that you can reach customers on the move.


Add this dimension to your product launch and you are well on the way to being able to reach out to them wherever they may be.


This works for you too


Just like your customers, you are staying in touch with your business whilst on the move too. Sitting in traffic or waiting to board a plane, you respond to comments on your product launch business page, check your ‘Insights’ stats and message your Facebook fans.


Record quick video ‘tips’ as your comment responses straight into Facebook or pre-record them on your smart phone and upload them straight away. These are far more engaging than text.


Production quality may not be studio quality but who cares. The point is that you are connecting with your audience in a way that they expect using the language that they expect and that is powerful stuff.



They get to see you and become ‘virtual’ friends. They ‘Like’ your updates and leave  comments. Their friends get to see this in their news feeds and before you know it this viral aspect can take off.



Having 1000s of fans is powerful social proof but it is important that you interact with them and building the conversation. In this way you become one of the crowd as well as the ‘thought leader’. You can be the ‘go-to’ guy for information and resources. You can be the expert that people trust.



A successful product launch is planned out very carefully weeks ahead of time. Using other social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube makes for what we call a friction free product launch. You are using all the tools at your disposal as well as the mobile aspects of these sites to leverage the growing population of smart phone users.



All these elements can work in tandem with each other to create the highest visibility and buzz possible.



These techniques will work for your affiliates as well, as long as you provide the videos, banners, graphics and training for them.



Integrating Social Media sites to build momentum before you move into your your pre launch sequence is very powerful. Following through during this sequence keeps everyone in the loop.



Here are 7 tactics to focus on


  1. Target your core market using Facebook Insights
  2. Identify pages where your potential fans gather and ‘favorite’ them
  3. Join the conversation and engage with them by leaving comments
  4. Upload video tips and trick that help the action takers get results
  5. Create events and invite fans to attend pre launch webinars
  6. IFrame html key product launch pages into your Facebook business page
  7. Drive traffic at them using Facebook advertising



There are probably a whole lot more product launch tactics that you can add.



Leave a comment below and tell us what killer tactic you recommend…


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Rory Ramsden