How To Hire a Copy Writer – The 8 Point CheckList

Cliff Notes from John Carlton's SWS Express Course

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Copy writing is a major part of any product launch. It is therefore important that you hire the right one.

Here is the 8 point checklist that will help you sort the wheat from the chaff…

  1. Does he/she understand direct marketing ?
  2. Does he/she know your niche market ?
  3. Does he/she understand your business model ?
  4. Is he/she capable of being managed? Meet deadlines ?
  5. CanĀ  he/she provide evidence of past success ?
  6. What was the conversion rate on their last project ?
  7. Is he/she willing to do a letter for free and get paid based on a percentage of sales ?
  8. Chose a subject and ask for a sample sales letter – For instance, convince me that I just have to see a particular movie

A good writer will know his/her true worth and will be able to prove it.

He will be aware that his letter may never get used or that you will want to change it or even that you may not know how to exploit it effectively so there will no doubt be some hard bargaining before you secure the services of the right person. Persist. You’ll be glad you did

My advice is that you would be less than the smart small business entrepreneur that you are to second guess an expert. If you have doubts, just do a simple A/B test with his original letter as the ‘control’. You’ll find out pretty quickly who is right. The metrics will show that conclusively.

Be very specific what you are hiring them to do – squeeze page copy, sales letter, email copy, swipe copy for affiliates, video scripts, blog copy… there is a lot of copy to write in any product launch

Let me tell you that you will get your money’s worth when you use this checklist because your product launch story will resonate with your core audience.

And another thing

If all this seems simple enough but you’re not quite sure of one particular aspect, leave a comment below and I’ll get straight back to you…


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Rory Ramsden