How To Get Instant Business Momentum With A Product Launch

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Launch Your Ebook


Let’s just imagine that you have an ebook  that teaches people how to take care of their ailing dogs and cats and that you have tried just about everything you can think of to take your online business beyond that $1000 a month range, but not one of those tired old tactics has catapulted your sales skyward.


What now? …There’s just one product marketing strategy left to try and that is a product Launch


You put our launch techniques to work with our guidance. You boost your price by a factor of TEN and then, a couple of months later,  you do a “by-the-book” product launch, again with our help.  The new version of your product rockets into the stratosphere.


The result?…Huge sales!


After two weeks the momentum doesn’t even begin to slow down – sales keep pouring in at 10 times the rate that you made with your original ebook.


Let’s not even consider the fact that you could easily DOUBLE the size of your list during the launch AND attract a bunch of new affiliates and JV partners! Remember that big list is crammed with buyers too. Having a qualified list like this is worth 15 times the value of  a prospect list.


Now THAT is the power of a powerful product launch.


And that is why you should never plan on just doing one. After your first launch, jump on the phone with a few of  your new clients. Thank them for buying and ask them what they like about your product, why they bought it, what they think could improve it and what you could have done better ?


They’ll be impressed that you have taken the time to ask and will no doubt give you their very best advice.


Now you are all set to optimize your product and your offer. Verison 2.0 will be ready to launch pretty quickly so segment your list. Just before you open your shopping cart, make sure that your original buyers are sent a mail telling them to go to a special link to upgrade at a very special reduced price.


It always pays to look after your existing customers like this


So now the question is, what could a serious product Launch do for YOU?



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Rory Ramsden