How To Do An Evergreen Product Launch


Do you want to put each product launch you do on autopilot so that it continues to not only bring in qualified prospects but also convert them into new customers… All without you seemingly having to touch a single button or write a single blog post ?


Then, you want to consider doing an evergreen launch


It’s true that when you stack one evergreen product launch on top of another, it will take your business to a whole new level. But the reality is that it is not the first step in your marketing strategy. It should be your goal for any new offer that you bring to market.


Before I get into that, here’s what you want to have in place or know to get started…


#1. A product or service that redefines the market’s perception of what is possible and delivers on their expectations

#2. A killer offer

#3. A sales funnel that converts like crazy

#4. The value of each visitor to your landing page

Pro Launch Crew

Putting all this in place requires you to test and the best way to do that is to start with a beta launch – one you do to a small segment of your list – then from the feedback optimize your copy and your offer before rinsing and  repeating the whole process until you have boosted your visitor value to the maximum.


Knowing exactly how many dollars each visitor to your landing page tells you how much you can pay to buy each one. I’m no fan of giving away hard earned cash to affiliates by cutting them in for 50% of the action and the evergreen product launch strategy actually allows you to cut them out altogether.


Go straight to Google or Bing and but  all the traffic you want. You know exactly how much you can afford to pay for it and you will know exactly how much you will make on each click. If what you pay is less than half of your visitor value, you can kiss your affiliates and JV partners goodbye.


Marketers say they provide FREE traffic… You and I know differently.

Traffic Fire Hose

Doing it the way I have suggested allows you to turn a fire hose of traffic full on. Setting a daily budget on your PPC advertising simply limits the amount of money you can make. For you know that for every dollar you spend, you will make two or three or even more.


Your aim is to wring every last drop of value from your existing proven best selling offers by making them available to the maximum number of people without lifting a finger or doing another big external product launch. The kicker is that you are building THE most valuable asset you can possibly own.


You’re building a list of people who have taken out their credit cards and actually used them to buy something. This is worth 15 times the value of a list of prospects.


But first, you have to get yourself launch ready.


Are you using this marketing strategy in your business? Please tell me about your successes and what works best for you by leaving a comment below… Thanks


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Rory Ramsden