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My last post zeroed in on the ‘big idea’ with out which your huge product launch will remain just a dream.

Now, we’re going to move forward and talk about the strategy known as “Launch stacking” or doing a series of product launches;  Each one bigger than the last; Each one more optimized than the last; Each one delivering greater ‘Visitor Value

If you were hoping that I would reveal some ‘magic bullet’ strategy that would somehow get you from  A to Z faster than a runaway train and in the process, take your ROI to the levels you always dreamed of then you are going to be sadly disappointed. That is, as you always suspected if you are honest with yourself, just a dream.

I was speaking to a potential client last week who just could not bring herself to admit that to herself. She was so wound up and excited about her shiny new product that she just could not bring herself to listen to the voice of reason. She wanted JV partners and she wanted them now. She had already set her launch day but yet she had no strategy to get there and make her product the huge success she so desperately wanted.

The fact is, ‘big dog’ JVs would not want to commit to promoting her product without knowing her ‘visitor value‘ and nor would the Chihauhaus. So let’s examine the examine the process that she should have used which is “Launch Stacking

1. The Seed Launch
You have chosen your niche and your ‘big idea’. Your goal is to build the ‘triangle of trust’ with your target market quickly as possible and in the process refine the psychographics that your market research has provided as well as leverage your time by creating your first product quickly and effectively.

Here is what you do… Set up a series of tele-seminars and invite widely recognized experts to be your guests. It is important to make each tele-seminar as inter-active as possible. This is a great list building tactic and will help you test your landing page conversions and build your first product in the process.

2. The Internal Launch
This is exactly what it says it is. Simply put, a launch to the people on your list who did not buy the first time with a special up-grade offer to the people who did. Before you do this, it’s time to pile on the value by using the feedback you got from the survey that you asked your seed launch buyers to complete.

If your first product was the recordings of your tele-seminars then now is the time to ‘slice and dice’ them by creating videos, transcripts, worksheets and process maps. Upgrade your sales pages and develop your sales funnel as well. Think about mining your assets and making the best use of them as possible. We’re talking bonuses, up-sells, cross-sells and down-sells. This will maximize your ROI. Test,Test, Test…

3. The External Launch

This is the first one you will do in which you invite JV partners to promote for you. You may find that some of these potential JVs are already on your list because they have seen the success that your product is having in the market place. They may even have already contacted you!

Anyway, running an external launch is a major undertaking. You are effectively running two at once. One to your launch list and the other to your JVs. This is why it’s important to have already done the optimization on your product and your sales funnel before you start.

Yes… the top line sales will be much bigger. They will have to be at least double what they were before because the minimum commission your partners will expect is 50%.

Revenue may be important but long-term the biggest value you will get from a huge external product launch like this is the number of people who will be added to your list.

4. The Huge Product Launch with JVs
Now you have done one huge product launch, it’s just a question of ‘rinse and repeat’. The first one you did will certainly have attracted the attention of more JV partners who will want to promote for you. So your second one will be bigger than the next even bigger.

This is the true value of “Launch Stacking“. The more you do the bigger your lists get, the more JV partners you attract, the more money everyone makes. This is a virtuous circle but each one has to have specific goals.

There is just no quick way of doing it. You can use this “Launch Stacking” strategy in your business and boost your revenues too!

Remember that the people in your core market want to …

a) Help you build a product that they really want to buy
b) Reveal the buying objections that you must know
c) Respond to your survey questions enabling you to further refine your product
d) Test your squeeze pages and sales pages so you can use the ones that really convert and
e) Finally let you answer the question that all JV partners will ask which is…

If I was to promote your product, how much money would I make?”

You can only answer this question when you know the percentage of visitors to your squeeze page who opt in  and the percentage of those who buy having been through your sales funnel because these metrics will give you your ‘visitor value‘ and that is what your affiliates want to know above all else.

Obviously you cannot make any promises. The results each affiliate will get will depend on his/her relationship with the people on their list and the age of that list.

More on that next time

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