How To Conduct A Quality Interview In 7 Steps




I’ve spoken about using the power of webinars and teleseminars to verify your market research and actually create content for your first product launch quickly and easily so I have been researching the best equipment to use without spending a fortune and also how best to elicit the most valuable content from your expert interviewee.


Which is how I found myself on Yaro Starak’s blog the


Here are his 7 tips

#1. Equipment: What Software And Hardware I Use

#2. How To Convince Famous People To Come On Your Podcast

#3. Focus On Your Audience

#4. Begin The Story: Find Out Where They Came From

#5. Find Out The Secrets To Success

#6. Wrap Up The Story And End With A Summary

#7. Ask ‘How’ As Often As You Can


So it’s not rocket science. Each interview should have a beginning. a middle and an end


Here are my 4 takeaways for me from a product launch marketing point of view are these…


  • Re-purposing the content – You can make your webinar and teleseminars into podcasts and vice versa. Not forgetting, the fact that you can also get the most valuable content transcribed and edited before transforming it into a special report or an executive summary both of which would make an excellent lead magnet or bonus


  • Research your subject – This is not Yaro’s strong point preferring as he does to rely on his natural curiosity. Personally, I would suggest that, if you’re interviewing an author, as a minimum you read the reviews but ideally the whole book and form your own opinions. After all, you are there to draw as many valuable insights from your guest as you can. It’s hard to do this if you cannot put your finger on the key points and explore them intelligently.


  • Listen – An important part of conducting any interview is to listen to the answers, sum up your understanding of each one as you go. ThenĀ  develop a question from there which is relevant to your agenda. An experienced interviewee will do his best to turn the questions to his advantage so it’s important to agree your goals in advance otherwise you wind up duelling


  • Stick to your agenda – Go into the interview with a goal in mind. In the heat of the moment you may lose your thread so prepare your questions in advance. A quick glance at your notes will help you get back on track quickly and easily.


Interviews are a quick way to build your credibility and authority. Associating with known and respected people in your niche will mean that some of their credibility will rub off on you. It’s also an excellent way of building your prospect list in the lead up to your first product launch.


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Rory Ramsden