How to Conduct a High Powered Product Launch in 5 Simple Steps

Is it possible in this day and age to launch a new product with such finesse and focus that you nail the target market ?


The answer to that question is a resounding YES


The very phrase “product launch” brings with it powerful mental images of strong forward momentum for your business catapulting you into the position of being the leading authority in your market and boost your bottom line at the same time.


Contemporary launches are based on tried and tested systems and procedures that have proved highly rewarding for those who have put in the hard work necessary to build rapport with their market. Breaking a product launch down into its component parts and then executing one a time is not as difficult as you may think.


Here are the 5 simple steps to conducting  a high powered launch that will rock your market


#1. The Launch Ignition Phase – The movie Ghostbusters wasn’t exactly a product, it was simply a movie. Do you know what the difference between Ghostbusters and other movies of its time were?– A superbly executed launch ignition phase. Do you remember all the ‘no ghost’ signs? They were everywhere, and nobody knew what they meant. But they teased people’s curiosity. They got noticed. And, months before the actual product ‘or movie’ launch, the audience knew that something big was going to happen. They were expecting it. The end result was a top grossing movie.


Plan a pre-launch for your product. Tease people’s curiosity. Stimulate their interest. Get people talking about you. Build some anticipation. Put your launch in context. You’ll be  glad you did when your launch begins


#2. Stimulate Your Market – Once you’ve rolled out your launch ignition phase it’s time to stimulate your market even more. Get your product into the hands of key ‘influencers’.   Encourage them to talk about it. Volunteer to do webinars with them. Help them as much as you can. This will stimulate a broader market and help others to promote your product .


#3. Obtain endorsements – Credibility is a key factor to product launch success. Getting third parties especially well known and respected people in your niche to say nice things about you builds your authority and provides important proof to your target market. Take the time to meet with influential industry leaders, bloggers, analysts and of course-the media. Let’s face it, if you can get an industry leader or a highly recognized figure to put their seal of approval on the product, you are home free.


#4 Customer Support – Support your product with training, forums and online support. When a consumer believes that you won’t leave them hanging if they have a problem, your product is poised for success. Use YouTube videos, DVD’s, e-Books and even on-location training. A strong support base with excellent customer service will give your product the high powered forward thrust it needs.


#5 Impute – If your website looks unprofessional, that is how your market will consider you. If your website looks the reverse and is easy to navigate, quick to load and is packed with killer content, it will go a long way to cementing your expert positioning. Posting consistently and regularly on your blog helps build your credibility… and is a good source of organic traffic.


Even if you have a middle of the road product or service, an exceptional website will set you apart from yoru competition.  Kraft is one such example. They are a household name, but their product is nothing exceptional. Just visit their website. Need to make dinner? Type in three ingredients that you have on hand and they’ll give you a list of quick and easy, healthy meals. They also offer plenty of money saving coupons, desserts that moms can make with their children and more. Kraft has a solid, user friendly, fun and exciting website. A ‘must have’ in today’s ruthless market… By giving valuable information FREE they make visitors want to come back.


Follow these simple but vitally important steps for your own product launch you will catapult your product to the front of your community’s minds.


Give me one more killer step that you simply must take to ensure your success… Add a comment below, Thanks


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Rory Ramsden