How To Boost Your Prices And Sell More Without Working Harder

Product Launch To Boost Prices

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There’s one particular super cool lifestyle brand that makes highly desirable digital objects that seems to knock each one of its product launches out of the park and then some. And it’s no accident either?


When launch day finally arrives, there is a queue of raving fans that seems to stretch for hundreds of yards… literally. They stay up all night just to make sure that they’re at the head of the line. They are just plane scared of missing out.


There are other psychological triggers at work here too. There’s social proof – all their friends want one too – so getting one will make them the object of envy. This in turns gives them a sort of power in their circle of friends because they are looked up to and respected.


None of the friends talk about the fear that our hero felt. The fear that forced him into that line to wait all night. Fear is a powerful hot button. The more exclusive and hard-to-get an object becomes, the more people want it and the more they are prepared to pay for it.


A pretty neat trick, I’m sure you’ll agree. Except it’s not a trick. It’s a process that you can put to work in your business too. It’s all about positioning first. Then it’s about proof – proof that you are an expert authority – and finally, the outcome is power… the power, you are given by your core audience when you become the thought leader in your market.


It is no accident. It is the result of a carefully planned product launch.


Here are the highlights…


When you go into pre-launch mode,your prospects are blissfully unaware that a launch is on the way. They are just getting some carefully selected ‘How to’ pieces of valuable free content. This builds excitement because they get closer to their goal and prove to themselves that your advice works. This builds your credibility and your authority.


The rumor mill goes wild. They tell their friends. You build social proof. You answer their questions in your next pre-launch event.  The buzz builds. They see that your product or service will transform their lives.


Tension and desire is amped up further on the release of your fire-side chat video in which you talk mano-a-mano about your story and the major questions on people’s lips. You may also give a sneak preview of the product too. Finally you name the launch day and open your cut-to-the-front-of-the-line list. This gives you a snapshot of the number of potential customers out there.


Your product launch team is playing the market like a piano!


Apparently your core audience is talking about nothing else. Your product may sell out in seconds. You stack the pressure by telling everyone that you’ve added a special bonus and at the same time, suggest that your cart may only be open for a short time judging by the number of people on your early-bird list. You’ve built in so much value that people start to worry that they will miss out.


They have no choice. They can’t afford NOT to buy.


When you open your cart, there are a flood of buyers. Because you hired a pro tech support team, your system has no problem handling the load. Your customer support team breathe a sigh of relief and focus on over-delivering on your promises quickly


That is a quick overview of what your new product launch could be. If you want your launch to go off like an intercontinental ballistic missile and not a bottle rocket, then be prepared for some hard work but remember there are lots of moving parts in a launch so if you’ve never done one before ask yourself one question…


Would you hire yourself to manage your own product launch?


To find out how we can help to get your new product launch ready I’d be happy to talk through your product launch plans. It’ll cost you absolutely nothing but your time but before you decide to take me up on my offer, it would be a good plan to find out how your business could be transformed !



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