How Snail Mail Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Product Launch Snail Mail

Snail Mail


Here’s why snail mail will boost B2B product launch conversions


The stunning fact is that only 44% of small businesses in America have a website. Yes… even in 2011 the majority therefore are not ‘wired’. That’s a pretty depressing number when one considers how much potential revenue these guys are leaving on the table, especially when you consider how easy Google Places is now making if for them to change that statistic


But that is the reality so you’d better face facts


So if you want to draw on this untapped well of potential customers, what should you be aware of…


a) Have a crystal clear understanding of who your ideal customer is – This is no time to be working on a hunch. Direct mail, rather than email, has a much higher front end cost… originating, artwork, printing, handling and finally postage. There are on line business out there who can make all this as painless as possible, so it’s easy to do but you will need a robust budget


b) Your copy must have been proven to convert – I say again… this is no time to be working on a hunch. Thoroughly test your copy and be sure that your offer converts


c) ROI – Run the numbers. Go into the process with a clear marketing strategy. A high ticket offer will mean fewer sales before you cover your costs.


The popular myth is that you can only do a product launch online. This could not be further from the truth. You can take the same strategy offline and use the same systems and sequences. Traditional post may take a little longer but receiving an intriguing package in the mail when all your audience usually get are bills and tax demands will mean your ‘open rate’ will be high


The next time you review your product launch marketing strategy make sure you have direct mail on your list of tactics. All the support services you need are out there. Just make sure that you have done your homework first



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Rory Ramsden