How Many Sales Do You Have To Make Before Your Prospects Buy From You?


Before you structure your product launch sequence, it is crucial that you work out how many ‘sales’ you will have to make before they reach your shopping cart ready to buy. Each one of your pre-launch sequence events is then geared round one or more of them


So, to use an example, if your niche is property investment for newbies, the first ‘sale’ you will have to make, is to convince people that property is the most secure investment. The second is to prove that you are an authority that they should trust and respect and the third is that your system works and is quick and easy to implement. Finally, you have to make the 4th ‘sale’, the real sale, which is to convince them to buy from you.


Figuring out the number of ‘sales’ that you need to make in order to get your real sale is crucial to creating an effective and well structured pre-launch that leads your audience through a logical sequence.


But there’s a bigger picture too and that revolves around where your offer is on the value staircase.


If you’re not familiar with the concept. Here’s a brief explanation. Your business needs to have a range of products ranging from very inexpensive to top dollar for your niche. So you might start with a $1 trial offer and finish at the top of the value staircase with an exclusive private coaching club.


The most expensive thing you will ever do is acquire a new customer so setting up product launch processes that move your new clients up or down the value staircase depending where they first step onto it, is essential. This will boost the lifetime value of each one. Knowing this value will tell you how much you can afford to pay to buy new customers and possibly out bid competitors for them


Doing your first product launch should be the first step in a sequence. Stacking launches allows you to use the momentum from the last to boost the impact of the next but it also allows you to cross sell one offer to several different client lists too…




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Rory Ramsden