How Do JVs Fit Into Your Product Launch Strategy ?

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You may imagine that it’s simply a question of tracking down the best partners you can and inviting them to promote your brand new product launch.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Put yourself in their shoes

If someone invited you to stop what you were doing and promote their product launch, you’d want some pretty compelling reasons to do so. You’re busy with your priority projects. You have 100 small admin jobs that need to get done. Your PA or VA has called in sick. The last thing you need is some guy telling you all about his fantastic new offer.

What you need is help and that should be your first question to any potential JV partner

“How Can I help you ?”

Make yourself useful. Pay it forward. Put some credits in your reciprocation bank account

You should start down this road almost as soon as you have decided upon your niche for two essential reasons

a) You will be building relationships with potential partners ahead of time

b) You will be building practical experience of how these people work and the products that they create.

If you have a focused product launch marketing strategy – and here’s why you should have – then you will only be interested in dealing with partners who have the same ceaseless demand for quality and value. If you don’t like what you find, move on.

So here are the 4 things that a JV or affiliate will want to know…

  1. Does your offer that convert?
  2. Does your offer that convert?
  3. Does your offer that convert?
  4. Does your offer that convert?

Only when you have convinced him or her that yours does will they want to talk about other concerns like …

– Reciprocation – If they promote for you, you must be willing to return the favor. That’s a good reason for only approaching the marketers that you respect

– Prizes – Apart from making a ton of money, the JV competition that you organize must offer some fabulous prizes. There’s nothing like being given some highly desirable object as a ‘thank you’ gift for doing a good job

– Recognition – And then there is the JV leader board. They will definitely want to see their names on this. The trouble is that it’s always the ‘big dog’ who come in and take all the top spots. What you have to do is devise tactics that drill down and give the second and third tier marketers a chance to see the light of day.

This is why your marketing strategy should start with a internal product launch to a segment of your prospect list. You need to fine tune your product, your offer and your sales funnel with one object in mind. That is to maximize your visitor value and get the metrics to prove it.

And another thing

Starting small is always a good idea. You get to practice on your ‘B’ clients. Once you move to a big external product launch, you only have one chance. It has to be right first time or your credibility is shot to pieces.

So making JV attraction part of your marketing strategy is crucial. Just don’t expect them to help you out before you have proved you can help them first. You’ll make money in the process


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Rory Ramsden