How Can Something That Costs Nothing Change Everything ?




The success of your product launch depends on doing a lot of little things right. One of those little things is to help your customers get what they want on an emotional level.


People buy what they want not what they need so discovering what their hopes and dreams are is your primary goal when doing market research. Putting these at the center of your launch story will ensure that it makes a connection with them because your prospects intuitively recognize that you are ‘speaking’ to them.


The more you care about delivering value to your clients the more they reciprocate


The more your understand the power of paying attention to them, acknowledging them and listening to them, the more they will sense that you have their best interests at heart… The more open they will be to listening to what you have to say… The more successful you will become


Making this emotional bond is at the core of all successful product launches


It’s not about the tools you use. It’s not about the tech tactics that you put to work. It’s about harnessing your knowledge and expertise for the good of your prospects.


So many marketers miss this core truth


They tell their prospects what they know not what their prospects want to know


Here are 3 examples of what really costs almost nothing and means so much…


#1. Picking up The Phone


After you close your shopping cart, why not pick up the phone and call your new clients and say, “ Thank you very much for buying my product. I really appreciate it.” Ask them how they are.  Tell them that if they have any questions they should call you right back. Don’t try and sell them anything. You just showed how much you care.  This could be the best use of your time all year.


Your new client will be mightily impressed that you called and will no doubt tell all his friends and colleagues what a great guy you are. Soon you will have a small army of raving fans that you can call on to ask for help when you need it. Picking up the phone does really costs almost nothing but will mean so much to your customers.


#2. Passing on The Sale


This may be a tough one for you to swallow. Telling a prospect that your product is not right for them and they should not buy it may mean that you don’t make a sale – short term loss – but in doing so, you will build your credibility and prove that you have the best interests of your customers at heart


Pressuring someone to buy from you when you know that the offer is not right for them will only boost your refund rate.


Your list of buyers may be worth 15 times the value of your list of prospects but not all prospect lists are created equal.  And you want to make sure that even the people who do not buy from you take the time to open your emails.


#3. Following Through


Give your your new customers an unannounced bonus or quick start guide will delight them. They will confirm to themselves that they made the right decision. They will know you really care about them and how they consume your product.


Boosting your customers confidence in this way will also boost their respect for you.


It’s not often in this day and age that you are freely given more value that you expected or even believed you were entitled to but when you are. You are pleasantly surprised and are ready to recommend that product or service to your friends


You may consider these idea as small gestures but it is often the things that cost the least that  hold the most value to your people. Demonstrating that you care about them and want to help them is doing a lot of little things right. They build emotional bonds that are hard to break. After all it’s more difficult to unsubscribe from a relationship


The success of your product launch depends on focusing on helping the people in your core audience get what they want.


What can you do that means more than you can ever imagine to those around you ?


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Rory Ramsden