How Can Body Language Boost Your New Product Launch?

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So to an effective product launch marketing strategy will first engage your prospects and then keep them engaged with a good story. Storytelling will entertain them and give you time to introduce different layers of proof that create trust, respect and likeability. The 3 key elements that have to be in place before you can make a sale.

So what tactics or tools can you put to work in your new product launch sequence that will help you build this triangle of trust?

There are three – Webinars or Teleseminars, Video and Text [Special Reports, Email, Messaging and SMS] – and you should use all three if you can.

Here’s why…

The 3 senses that you can appeal to on the internet are  these

a) Auditory – These people like to listen to what you have to say. Providing MP3s allows your prospects to consume your content on the move on their smart phones or MP3 players.

b) Visual – Most people are ‘graphical’. They like to look at pictures which is why video is so powerful.

c) Touch – Yet other people like to hold a physical object. These are the ‘Kinesthetic’ types. Traditionally they have printed out your special report. Now, they are much more likely to read it on their Ipad or Kindle.

Your product launch marketing message should therefore be careful to appeal to all three types of people.

If you were thinking about how to add value to your offer and you had made a video. Make the soundtrack down-loadable and provide a transcript. if you do a webinar, provide a transcript and make break the soundtrack into to 5-6 minute sections before using a screen capture program like Camtasia or Screen Flow to create short videos. if you have an e-book, build the perceived value by adding images and then make screen capture videos and strip out the sound track and make it into a podcast.

But we’re talking about the sequence leading up to your new product launch. Your aim here is to create three or four online events during which you can continue to build the triangle of trust.

Whether you major on the visual, auditory or kinesthetic channels depends on where you are in the process of stacking your product launches. If you are near the beginning and need to make an instant impact in your niche by associating yourself with known and respected experts then getting 2 or 3 onto a webinar or teleseminar would be a good tactic.

If you are on your second or third product launch and have already built your credibility and authority then consider creating a series of say 3 videos. These don’t have to be ‘LIVE ACTION’ with you in front of the camera. If you feel confident about doing this, great, they are super-effective but many successful new product launches have been done using screen capture as well.

The point in all this is that your prospects have to get to know, like and trust you and that requires that they have the opportunity to read your body language. Borg’s research showed that only 7% of any face to face communication consists of the words themselves. Other research suggests that 60 and 70 percent of all meaning is derived from nonverbal behavior. Whatever the actual percentage, it is clear that body language has a powerful role to play in delivering your launch story which is why it is so important for your prospects to hear if not see you.

They will be able to pick up so many subliminal messages from the tone of your voice, your attitude and simply from the way that you present yourself. Don’t get paranoid about this, what’s happening during your product launch events happens every time you interact with any body, any where any time. So if you are happy in just about any social situation then you’ll be fine.

Having said that and now you are aware of this, it is best to play to your strengths so design and plan your next product launch accordingly and find out what’s in it for you. In the meantime, I’m sure that you have watched a video recently that illustrates my point. Tell me about it by leaving a comment below…

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