What’s The Deal With Product Launch Managers?

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As a product launch manager, here’s the leading question my potential clients should ask me but rarely do… It goes like this


“What will you bring to my product launch that will be of greater value to me than the money I pay you?”


The simple answer is this.


As your product launch manager, I will make you more money than you would have made without me by marrying a great product with a better product marketing strategy.


Here is the short list


  • Set launch goals

  • Position your product

  • Verify your market research

  • Leverage your assets to create a killer offer

  • Optimize your pre-launch sequence

  • And add tactics that have been tried and tested by the most respected direct marketers out there


And then there is the value that is hard to put a price on


  • List Building
    A new product launch grows your lists like crazy. Not just your prospect list but more importantly your buyers list too. After your launch, they will be warm and responsive. Ready for another one, in fact

  • Positioning
    A new product launch will position you as the expert in your niche. With expert status, you are the go-to-guy that everyone will turn to for advice. When you speak, others will listen

  • Attract JV Partners
    Your competitors will be on your list as you are on theirs. They will be watching every move you make. When they see your product launch converting like gang busters, they’ll come a-knocking. There’s nothing like a guaranteed payday to attract new affiliates

  • Self-Creating Products
    A seed launch is especially designed to create a product and get your prospects to help you refined it. It’s quick and easy to slice and dice the content you create on the hoof to add value. You can grow your prospect list at the same time

  • Tuning
    Segment your list and launch your new product to just that group. Tune up your sales copy, lead magnets and landing pages until your analytics start to hum. Now you’re ready for the big time

  • Perpetual Cash Flow
    Now that you have a well oiled sales machine, you can use it to give you perpetual cash flow by partnering with new JV partners who can do internal launches to their lists… building yours in the process

  • Perpetual Deal Flow
    Now you’re a big dog in your niche, you will attract new business deals all the time. It’s important to stay grounded and just take the ones that are a good fit for you and your business. Cherry pick the best ones and take your business to another level at your own pace.


This is definitely not comprehensive but I think that you get the picture.


Your marketing strategy should be to roll from one product launch to the next. Fine tuning as you go based on the feedback that you get each time.


As your product launch manager, I will also help you out with Launch Strategy, Launch Coordination  and Selecting the right copywriter, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Tech Support, JV Manager, Customer Support, Admin Support & Product Champion.


Each of these roles has umpteen responsibilities associated with it. There’s a lot to do


Daunting isn’t it?


There are a lot of balls to keep in the air. I guess that’s why over 24,500 product launches failed last year. You need to get it right or you put yourself at a great disadvantage.


I’ve not given you this list to scare you, but to prepare you. When You have an experienced team behind you it’ll be a fun experience. Hard work but fun.


Having a fresh pair of eyes looking over your shoulder to guide you will help you avoid costly mistakes. So the first step is to complete this short survey – tell me about you and your business in a bit of detail – then I’ll contact you to set up a time to talk on the phone.


I only take on 3 clients in a year so I’m not sure that I will be available to do your product launch. But if our schedules don’t work, I’ll certainly introduce you to a respected colleague.


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Rory Ramsden