Hire a Product Launch Manager: Are You An Expert or a Marketer?

How to Define a Marketing Strategy
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When it comes to hiring a product launch manager, the first questions your potential PLM will ask himself about you are…

Is this potential client a marketer targeting a niche by providing a solution to a carefully targeted need?
Is he an expert just providing knowledge on a subject and letting the recipient work out what is relevant to them?

There is a world of difference between a client who understands marketing and one who is an esoteric guru especially when it comes to mental attitude, the perceived relevance of the offer and therefore the success of the product launch marketing strategy.

To execute a successful product launch, a product launch manager needs a client who has marketing experience not an someone who is a specialist.

A specialist may have spent a great deal of time doing the research that makes him an expert. He may feel that this then entitles him to be listened to without having to make any effort to listen to others. He may even expect to be paid before he deigns to reveal any of his knowledge and when he does, he may do so in a way that takes no account of what his potential audience is desperately seeking.

In short, he casts his pearls of wisdom before the people with little wish to engage with them as if he is in an ivory tower!

Any product launch manager will tell you that this will lead to a product launch disaster.

So an expert who makes no effort to offer his expertise in a way in which his core market can recognize the value; in a way in which has not been tightly focused on their most important need; and in a medium that does not resonate with them, will execute one product launch disaster after another.

On the other hand, a client who is a marketer doesn’t expect people to buy from him. He tests things out until he finds something that resonates with his market. He goes out of his way to prove to his prospects that he has their best interests at heart. He runs surveys, asks questions and gets feedback and then gives away his best stuff  [This is counter intuitive but it works] so his prospects understand that he genuinely wants to provide a solution.

He then presents it as a step-by-step system which is easy to understand and implement quickly. He focuses on the benefits that resonate with his core market. In fact, he does all he can to see the world through their eyes and in so doing expresses what he sees in the language that his prospects will recognize and identify with.

They will then ‘get’ what he is saying and understand why his offer is relevant to them. During this process, they will come to recognize the marketer as a ‘friend’ with whom they readily wish to engage because they trust him. Buying from him, becomes the natural next step.

This is the sort of client that a product launch manager is keen to work with whether he has a big list or not, never mind the niche.

My aim is to help you get not only your product ready but also your business systems. This may take a little time because you have to build up the credibility with your back office support people like your bank manger and merchant account contact but trust me, its time well spent.

If you wish to engage with your prospects and have some marketing experience but are looking for some help to get your product to the launch pad, then check out the Launch Systems Toolbox which come with 6 worksheets to help you laser focus your offer on your core market. Just put your first name and primary email in the opt-in box on the right hand side and download it immediately

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