Here’s the 7 Step Product Launch Marketing Process

Launch Ready

Launch Ready


In the most basic sense, product launch marketing is the strategy through which you first introduce a given product to your target audience.


While that may sound relatively simple, the fact of the matter is there’s quite a bit more to it that you might think.


A successful product launch marketing plan can mean the difference between rapid growth and increased market share or languishing sales and, ultimately, a failed product.


There are 7 phases.  Each phase builds on the previous and prepares for the phase that follows:


Phase One: Get To Know Your Customers

Before you even think about a product, you need to fully understand the demographics and psychographics of your ideal client


Phase Two: Product Identity

Now you can start to craft a product that meets a particular need in the lives of your potential customers


Phase Three: Crafting Your Core Myth

Here is where you integrate the first two phases of your product launch marketing strategy. There’s a simple formula. For each product ‘feature’ there is an ‘advantage’ and for each ‘advantage’ there is a ‘benefit’. Your client is only really interested in those benefits so the more of those you include in your message the better


Phase Four: Selecting Media

Now that you have a core myth, you need to figure out how to get it to your target market. This might include direct mail, email campaigns, social media marketing or any number of other techniques. The key here is to choose media that resonates most strongly with your target audience


Phase Five: Pre-Launch

During your pre-launch period, your aim is to build a rapport with your prospective customers. You have to build trust, likability and respect. If, in their eyes, you do not have this key trilogy of attributes, your product launch will not be a success


Phase Six: The Launch

When you finally open your shopping cart, you will instantly know whether your preparation has been a success by the flood or indeed trickle of buyers. Your job now is to maximize the number of buyers you have using proven hot buttons that will push those sitting on the fence to buy.


Phase Seven: The Perpetual Launch

The product marketing strategy doesn’t stop here, however. You should be planning to roll out a series of launches, each one bigger than the last. Each one optimized based on the feedback you receive from your customers and prospects.


As a product owner or publisher, you probably already realize that to ensure a successful launch you need expert help.


After all, very few of us actually get to fly the aeroplane that take us on holiday!


Find out how we can help get your product launch ready.


In fact, it would be a good plan to find out what’s in it for you too!


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