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Product Launch Case Study: Burberry

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The bad news is that your business will never make much headway until it has a comprehensive marketing strategy that sets out a clear and measurable goal. Getting traction in your niche is then a matter of integrating the most relevant online tools at your fingertips to leverage results.


The awesome tip is that one of the quickest and most effective ways of doing this is through executing a series of product launches. You only have to look at the success of a lifestyle brand like Burberry to see how a traditional offline business can leverage the internet to reach out to prospects and customers all round the world.


Burberry was the first luxury brand to live-stream a fashion show in 3D around the world, to allow customers to order products straight from the catwalk. Their digital strategy is driven by a desire to “connect consumers directly to the brand”.


This precisely what a product launch 3 phase strategy can achieve for you too…

Phase #1 – Build Momentum in the lead up to the event

Phase #2 – Create excitement and engage your customers through storytelling during your launch

Phase #3 – Follow up and seek feedback after the event to learn the ‘lessons’ before optimizing your processes


As a result, Burberry is still doing good business despite the trying business climate – they have focused on the growing market in Asia to carry them through – and are in better shape than most luxury goods companies, with record profits in 2009 and a current market capitalisation of more than £5bn.


There is another lesson for you the small business owner. The company identified a core audience with money and delivered products that they really really wanted by updating their designs and making them relevant and highly desirable to a young affluent crowd.


The key to this success is their strategic vision. Angela Ahrendts, the American CEO, understood the value that history has in an era of economic uncertainty. She therefore decided to bring the brand’s core strengths to the fore. These are simply summed up in three words written by founder  Thomas Burberry… ‘Protect, Explore, Inspire’.


Here is another lesson: Play to your core strengths. Doing so helps to make your offer unique. Being different is hyper important when selling to a discerning market looking to stamp their individuality on the world. It is just as crucial for you too. Being new and original sets you apart and allows you to dominate your own micro niche.


That’s another of the golden keys to a successful product launch.


What a launch campaign does is help you make sure that when you open your doors there are customers waiting to greet you with their wallets in hand. The best part about an online product launch is that it can work for any business. Every business has an online component and if you have a website, you can leverage an online product launch.


This concept is not reserved for new businesses. This strategy is less about the fact that you are just opening for business and more about the fact that you are revealing something new to your audience. The reveal could be as simple as a website change or as complex as a brand new product line. It could be used for a business that has never existed before or for a business that has been around for a while and is looking to reinvent itself.


Your customers are looking for an experience. They are looking for excitement and entertainment to brighten up their mundane lives. You can give that to them by doing a product launch and making buying from you a series of fun events that engage them in your core myth just like Angela Ahrendts did by harking back to those three words written all those years ago. She connected the past to the present and then projected it into the future.


So you don’t have to be stuck with the bad news. You can take that awesome tip and make buying from you something that your customers look forward to. They’ll even than you for having to pay top dollar. Find out more about doing a product launch right now. It’s absolutely free and comes with no commitment on your part…



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